The Applications Of Assassin's Creed's Hook Blade Seem Familiar

A means of aerial transport jutting from your right hand, capable of launching you on shoulder-dislocating rides above a city in turmoil? Why, where have we heard that one before?

Unlike BioShock: Infinite's skyline wheels, though, the hook-blade itself has an offensive purpose which, more or less, means you can counter-kill with it. Yes, you can rake enemies off of their feet. Yes it has a slashing edge. It's not that complicated, just sit on X/square and everything will be OK.


    Both of them sound like Metroid Prime 3's Skytown

    Leave the "Who did it first" competition for engineering connections.

      Ya Mum!!!

      sorry, i had to say it, in a childish mood :)

    Put the offensive purpose aside for a sec... How cool was that non-lethal back roll thing he did on the roof tops?!?!

    Elevator Action did Zip-lines before any of these games so that makes them all posers and wannabees and 'me-too's...

    :-P right?

    But seriously, my thumbs were twitching throughout that video. Must have it.

    Why is the US Kotaku content so childish. X did Y first, my thing is better than your thing, etc. etc. I'm definitely calling it quits on this site.

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