The Art Of BioShock 2, Dead Space 2, Dragon Age, Silent Hill And…

You may know artist Jason Chan as the chap who helped design us a lovely t-shirt. Or who drew rad pictures of kids fighting zombies.

You should know him, though, as a video game concept artist who’s worked on games like BioShock 2, Dead Space 2, and Dragon Age: Origins.

Chan works at Massive Black, a creative agency that specialises in concept art for movies, TV and video games. They do good work; we’ve featured a few of their artists here on Fine Art before, like Coro Kaufman and Wes Burt.

Below you’ll find a selection of his video game work, as well as a his contributions to Coke’s 2011 Super Bowl ad and few trading card game pieces (World of Warcraft included) to go along with them.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.

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