The Beautiful And The Badass Toys Of The Tokyo Game Show

Some come to Tokyo in September to play games. More come to buy crap associated with them, though, as some of the most popular stalls at TGS aren't the ones with demo units, but stacks of t-shirts, action figures and art books.

Below you'll find the best of the gear available at this year's TGS, including Square Enix's magnificent Play Arts action figures and a ton of Capcom swag.


    Some cool shit there! Thanks for the pics:)

    Just out of curiosity where abouts in tokyo is this? How much to get in and when does it run from and to?

    Are they mouse pads? Awesome idea.

    Nice silicone support on those mousepads :D

    Can't wait to get my grubby paws on those Deus Ex figures!

    What are those Phoenix Wright things that look like badges (or biscuts)?

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