The Best Gears Of War 3 Glitch So Far

We like Gears of War 3. We also like laughing at glitches. But when our intern Chris told me he found a Gears glitch that involved one of our Gears heroes falling through the world, I frowned.

We've seen this kind of glitch so many times.

But then intern Chris told me that the glitch involved falling through the floor and then walking on water. Good job, intern Chris!


    So how did this game score 100% on reviews when it went to market with problems like this?

      Yes because this is such a devastating, game-crippling glitch.

      Every game has bugs, the devs do their best. Enjoy the GAME, don't whine about it.

        There is no excuse to have a glitch on a game designed for single standardized platform.

        PC games have glitches, multiple ported games have glitches. This just shows how rushed this game was. But hey it is a "perfect game" right?

          One minor glitch in a game that is otherwise quite solid, and you claim it was rushed? lol

          I can't remember the last game that I played that didn't have a bug or two in it

          Mapping and/or rule glitches rarely have to do porting.

    The thing that annoys me the most about this game is the way that those massive Brumaks can squeeze up narrow stairwells in Horde mode by magically passing through whole sections of wall.

    Collision detection fail! That is just physics 101.

    The game is great. But, again, Epic has shown that their QA process is pretty non-existent and their products are full of glitches, bugs and annoying effects.

    Man, some people sound really butt-hurt that this game got high scores. All games have glitches.

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