The Best Ke$ha-Themed Minecraft Tribute Ever Performed By A Kid

Look, I don't really like Ke$ha either. But I totally love this video, made by 11-year-old YouTube user xNoizeBeatx, which features an ingame tribute to Minecraft sung to the beat of Ke$ha's "Tik Tok".

(Note how I did not say "sung to the tune of Ke$sha's 'Tik Tok'.")

If any of its elements had been a little bit out of whack, this could have been the most unbearable video of all time. And yet… the combination of the charming, enthusiastic lyrics, the off-key singing, and the great editing totally cracks me up.

Lyrical highlights:

Dont stop Building things Crafting Stuff you've never seen

Tonight Gotta Fight Till theres no zombies in sight


I'm talking running for your life life Skeletons shoot their arrows Respawn in a little meadow

Lost all my things But that's OK OK Lets try and find my base Lets try and find my base

So... yeah. Check it out. I certainly wasn't this cool when I was eleven.

High-five to Llamar Llamatronix for the tip!


    Still sings Better than kesha :P

    Ke$ha is a babe. Her music is pathetically lacklustre, and her stage persona is horrid, but damn, that chick has natural beauty when she hides from the camera.

    Holy crap where was the warning to mute it lol

    ParseError: Syntax error: Unexpected '20 KE $HA' in line 20

    All I had to read was "Ke$ha" in the title and I knew I wasn't interested. Just thought I'd share that...

    Any wonder I drink...

    The singing was bad at the chorus. Did get any further then 0:42, but it is a kid so I'm not going to hate on him/her. Still, I could actually watch the whole thing if parts of it were in tune.

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