The Blizzard Paintings Of Mathias Verhasselt

The Blizzard Paintings Of Mathias Verhasselt

Mathias Verhasselt works at Blizzard. As a concept artist, yes, but he also does one of my favourite things in both cinema and games: matte paintings.

These are the exquisitely detailed images that movies used to use for artificial backdrops before green screen was invented, but you may not know that game trailers and cinematics use them as well (though these days they’re digital paintings).

His work can be seen in two examples I’m posted in the gallery above: Some epic backdrops from the original Diablo III teaser trailer, and some work from a World of Warcraft clip as well.

Then, just because Verhasselt’s personal stuff is so great, I’ve included a bit of that as well. Just for kicks.

Mathias Verhasselt [CGSociety]

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