The Cosplaying Dudes Of The Tokyo Game Show

If you thought cosplay at the Tokyo Game Show was all women in tiny outfits, you are dead wrong. There's an army of men out there dressed to the nines as well, and they're impressing the hell out of us...

The Evangelion piece was great, being fully posable and even including a knife. Hitman and Snake were awesome too, as much for their costumes as the fact they spent the entire afternoon in character, meeting requests for photographs with grunts, pointed weapons and raised fists.


    Third photo from last is a repost. Just to let you know.

    Shinji's EVA ftw!!

    Also, love the Solid Snake with the banana

    Godot cosplay. I like it.

      Godot hey? Is the name in anyway a reference to the play?

        It's where you stand around waiting for the cosplayers to show up, but they never do.

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