The Cosplaying Ladies Of The Tokyo Game Show

Saturday is the day the cosplayers come out to play at the Tokyo Game Show, crowds flocking to the walkways between the show's exhibition halls to see some of the world's best video game costume makers (and wearers) in action.

Unlike the men, however, whose inspirations and genres ran the full gamut, as you'll see most of the girls tend to be, well, Monster Hunter characters. Or fighting game characters. Or, as you'd expect (and/or hope), Bayonetta.

Top photo: Luke Plunkett/Kotaku


    No front shot of Blue Rose (very top pic before the article)? I am disappoint

    heres one

    Ahahaha that chocobo is quite possibly the greatest thing i've ever seen

    Well they're quite talented, that's for sure. Not sure how orginality would fare but as costume desi- Is that Hope? HAHAHAHA glorious.

    That bayonetta looks just like Bayonetta! Except Asian xD

    I always thought Bayonetta is Asian anyway.

    I though the blue Rose one was great until I saw the front. It's not correct. Still, I can't really blame her. I wouldn't have the guts to pull of the proper front of blue rose either.
    The Persona 3 one was good, even more so because someone went as the leads persona! (I've forgotten the lead's name ^^;; )
    Also, vocaloids, but i guess it's expected.

    Kinda bored with seeing morrigan again and again.

    Ryu photobomb!

    Good to see the female cosplayers try to help make up for the diminishing quality of male cosplayers in japan over the last few months.

    I look at these pictures and 1/2 expect to see a power ranger or two

    Good god the anime-head cosplayer looks terrifying...

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