The Evolution Of Video Game Controllers In Pretty Poster Form

Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab's latest poster is another attempt to show the lineage of video game controllers, from the twin sticks of Spacewar! to the lonely, somewhat sui generis Wii U tablet sitting lonely at the bottom. A signed and numbered print will run you just 24 clams.

I ran up to the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens this weekend to check out their Jim Henson exhibition. That was great, naturally. But I hadn't realised the museum was filled with old television and movie hardware, as well as a pretty decent vintage arcade, including — but not touchable — an original Spacewar! cabinet.

Let me tell you, it was really hard not to touch that cabinet. Now I kind of want one of my own.

The Evolution of Video Game Controllers []


    Kudos for making the famicom pad the father of the nes pad, I do too consider them two diferent controllers, also pointing out the radofin as the first analog controller.

    Wow, the Sega Activator! I remember seeing articles about that in Games Master, with promises of being able to control Street Fighter with real punches and kicks!

    Hmm can't seem to find the stupid DJ thingy onthere, unless they just filed it under the Band Hero peripheral.

    Very cool poster i must say.

      Also missing the FRAGFX FPS mouse/stick combo for PS3 invented by Splitfish - gotta have a FragFx :)

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