The Final Moments Of That Heartbreaking Dead Island Family Discovered In The Game

I think we were all a bit shocked when Techland told Kotaku earlier this year that the family so poignantly represented in the award-winning trailer for Dead Island wouldn't actually be in the game.

Blazej Krakowiak, international brand manager for developer Techland, told us that the family and their sad voyage from happy vacationers to terrified victims of the undead wasn't going to be in the game. Why? Because, he said. the trailer was meant to be an emotional vignette, an example of what happened all over the island the day the dead rose.

The backlash was sudden, and perhaps it's why curious gamers who ignore the directions when the game first starts are treated to a bloody tableau, a room that shows how things ended after the trailer does.

The video above includes the original trailer footage and a new, in-game, Kotaku-edited ending captured straight from the game. Don't watch if you want to discover the room, and its inhabitants all on your own.


    That piano gets me everytime.

    Hadn't seen that before, what a brilliant trailer.

    I'm tempted to check out the game on the strength of that, knowing full well it wasn't in-game etc, and had previously been a bit 'meh, another zombie game' when I heard of it.

    The game's deserving of being checked out on the strength of that alone, even knowing pretty much nothing else about it.

    I know what you mean about that piano tom... *teary*

      The full announcement trailer ( ) makes me tear up every time. The launch trailer ( ) has me budgeting a PC upgrade.

      I was also very pulled in by this trailer, but after hearing details and seeing gameplay for the game I was a little disappointed and remained very cautious. I would definitely recommend hiring before buying for this game as I fear it will not live up to expectations. I haven't played it so I don't know, this is just a suspicion but I would still hire it first.

    Wouldn't they turn into zombies...? Isn't that how it works?

      from what ive heard or read about the game there survivors that cant get infected. like the l4d series except they were carriers

    I saw them in one of the gameplay vids up in youtube but i didnt think it was them.

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