The Gears Of War Timeline Leads Right Up To Midnight Monday

Need a refresher course on Gears of War history on the eve of the release of the third instalment? Epic Games has posted a handy timeline that takes you from the Pendulum Wars to when you slip that puppy in your Xbox 360 next week.

It's been awhile since the original Gears of War came out, and I only played the second game in the series for about 15 minutes. While I appreciate the quality, I'm not a big fan of the series, but when I see review scores like these coming in, I'm going to have to check out number 3. Luckily there's the Gears of War Timeline, a place where I can bone up on the game's history without having to hide behind rocks and shoot aliens for hours on end.

Check it out for yourself!

Gears of War Time Line [Epic Games]


    I started replaying Gears 1 last night, my god how the game has aged... The controls feel incredibly clunky now!

    Review scores are bullshit mate. Check out the IGN one, a day before it was reviewed they had HUGE ASS BANNERS of gears 3 telling you about how awesome it is.

    They are payed to review it with bias, you can tell. These people are less than journalists, much like Brian Ashcraft.

    Giant Bomb bro. Nuff said.

      Also Arthur Gies's review over at Joystiq, I'd trust that man with my life.

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