The Legend Of Zelda Four Swords Is Free From Wednesday

From this Wednesday, The Legend of Zelda Four Swords is going to be so cheap on DSiWare. Like, really cheap. Some might suggest it's as cheap as free!

The Legend of Zelda Four Swords 25th Anniversary Edition is a Nintendo DSiWare version of the very first multiplayer Zelda game, Four Swords. It is available as a free download on DSiWare from this Wednesday, 29 September, to 20 February, 2012.

For instructions on how to download it or for more information, head over here. [Nintendo]


    Hopefully then they say Wednesday, they don't actually mean Thursday Night when the usual downloads go up. Do want.

    You had me at "Zelda".
    And then again at "Free".
    And "Wednesday" as well.

      You had me at the "the".

      I had me at "is".

        Can I just jump into this comment reply tangent to pretend I have enough 3DS loving friends to play this game with.

          Ooh - I have one, and Doc What? has one, and we're going to see each other at the RAGE event on Thursday night. We already started playing this with GBAs at the last Sydney meat, so we can continue our adventure then!

          "Super realistic graphics? Trend-setting FPS action? Awesome vehicle sections? You don't say... sounds peachy... I'll be with you in a minute, just gotta defeat Vaatu the wind god first..."

            Actually, you don't need a 3DS. For this one a DSi or DSi XL will do. ^_^

    Hey look, a reason to recharge my 3DS. Just because it seems to magically drain itself of battery every damned time I leave it alone. I think I've charged it more often than I've played it.

    Still, free stuff! Yay!

    If homestar runner taught me anything, its that "cheap as free" usually means $5 :)

      Just send in $5, 25 proofs of purchase and $5 shipping and handling. :P

    Am I the only one who read 29th and Wednesday and went "huh???"

    So do we get it a day early or do we have to wait until Thursday?

      things usually go up at midnight in the USA.

    Haha, not a bad idea. There was never enough people to play it on the GBA, but that might all change, now.

    GREAT! that means.. TOMORROW

    and btw... its september 28

    It is Wednesday the 29th of September and i still cant get the game of eshop.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:)////......


    idk if its out now for USA but i think it is

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