The Limited Edition Box Art For Gears Of War 3 Is Pretty Special

JB Hifi are pretty good at writing fair and accurate reviews of video games, and now they're giving us our first look at Gears of War 3's limited edition box art.

Well, this is certainly a game I would buy. It may even be a cover worth paying A Whole Lot More Money for.

Thank you Joel for sending this in!


    My god i love stores with personality.

    That is just brilliant :D

      Yeah I love the attention to detail. 'Cos you know, Marcus & Dom holding hands happens all the time. ;)

    JB, you've done it again!
    Mde me laugh, that is

      i see what you did there ^_^

    I actually wish that was the box art!

    Marcus and Dom holding hands

      Queers of War?

        Don't ask don't tell...

        dammit u beat me 2 it

    haha, awsome box art

    $69 is a steal for the standard edition.

      Well except that I bought the limited edition version for $59 from ozgameshop

      Only problem is that I'm still waiting for it to arrive!!

        Which is exactly the reason why I still shop in brick and mortar stores. As cheap as the prices are at ozgameshop, I don't like waiting two weeks for a game to arrive.

        Generally, someone, somewhere reduces the price down to an acceptable level around release. Then I get EB to pricematch. If not, I wait till they have their sales and buy.

        I'd rather support local counter games stores, because I don't want to see them die out.

          Meh, I've waited a couple years for it, I can wait a couple more weeks.

          Though I'd be tempted to buy locally at $69 to save that, if I hadn't ordered from ozgameshop for only $45...

    I feel like I have been ripped off by not purchasing this copy of the game.

    So this is why I noticed my copy was pre-opened, then plastic wrapped again?

    That cover is made by in-game graphics

      Maybe if GoW3 used the DXHR engine :P

    If there's a criticism of the Unreal Engine it's that it does sometimes take a while to load in full resolution textures.

    Why does the tree have hands? WHY DOES THE TREE HAVE HANDS!!!!

      I think they are supposed to be little branches or twigs. :p.

      I don't know where this or the Duke review JB stores are because the one I go to is pretty shit. The workers there are completely indifferent and unhelpful.

        Same here. Likewise with EB. They are all either trying to ignore you or are just patronising and rude. Give me ozgameshop any day.

      It's a lambent tree

    Hey I know the guy that drew that. He will love that he has been profiled on such an amazing site about videogames, which he loves more than women.

    I like the underline you can see for the treetop - like the "artist" needed to do a draft first.

    I dunno. Seems more likely to be the box art for the ICO HD remake. They're, like, holding hands and stuff.

    They should take a leaf out of Sony's book and do a reversible cover with this on the other side.

    Ha ha brothers till the end oh and rainbows and lollipops :-/

    Meh I can get the standard edition for $60 in Melbourne CBD. Dungeon Crawl on Elizabeth st. Get there for cheap releases!

    My favourite part is that they obviously drew it in pencil first before comitting to Sharpie.

    Haha, awesome. Note the life like renditions of the human characters and the Sun seems to be heeding the medical advice of not looking at itself, it's using glasses to check out it's reflection. So realistic.

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