The Metallica Game We Never Got (But Maybe Should Have)

Around 2003, Black Rock Studio (which is sadly now no more) was working on something fairly unique: a Metallica game that didn't involve plastic instruments.

It instead was a "post-apocalyptic driving/adventure game", in which the band's members were badass, gun-toting characters.

Destined for the PS2, nothing ever came of the title. It was never even publicly announced by Black Rock, so really all we've got to show for it at this stage is some concept art showing the studio's vision for the game, and the knowledge it would of course feature the music of the band.

But what a vision it is. These pieces were all done by British artist Calum Alexander Watt, who isn't just one of my favourite gaming artists, he's one of my favourite artists in general.

There's a Borderlands-meets-Akira look to the drawings, which look great in their own right; As a fresh take on a way to put famous musicians into a video game, they looked awesome.

Interestingly, some of the pics were tagged as "Damage Inc", showing at least the artist knew which of the many incarnations of Metallicas to look to for inspiration.

Since we'll never get to see this game, the least we can do is look at its art. And if you'd like to see more of Watt's stuff, you should check out his personal site, which has great pictures of robots.

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    That's a shame. I would've so bought this game!

    I imagine while playing the game at some point you may encounter Metallica music or likenesses of the band. Yeah... no.

    This looks awesome. Would have bought and played the hell out of this.

    There was a teaser trailer for it.

    Reeks of borderlands.

    How can this game reek of Borderlands when it was in production 7 years before on a different console?

      Sssh, stop using logic on the internet

    mmmmmm....looks abit like rage realy

    Borderlands + Brütal Legend?

    Well, so long as the soundtrack didn't include anything past 1992 :P

    Now I'm pissed off that I'll never be able to buy this game and play the heck out of it.

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