The Most Beautiful Settlers Of Catan Board You Will Ever See

There are plenty of ways to play classic board game Settlers of Catan. You can play it on Xbox 360, for example. Or the iPhone. Hell, you could even play the actual board game.

If you're leaning towards the more tangible option, and are going to go to the trouble of setting stuff up and paying money, you may as well go all out and support the Boardcrafting project, which takes the game and makes it as quaint as you could possibly hope for.

Using laser-cut wood pieces and tokens, it acts as a board and enhancement to the game, though not a total replacement (you'll still need cards, etc). First conceived as a project to stop a regular Catan board from slipping around, it's grown into something the creator calls "what I think may be the most beautiful Settlers board on the planet".

He's probably right, you know.

Boardcrafting [Kickstarter, via Boing Boing]


    Dear lord... beautiful...

    This board would cost me more than I can afford, but I still kinda want to know what I have to pay to get one.

    Awesome. Looks amazing! Never played the game, but I'm tempted to find out about it now.

    I *really* wish I could say I like it, but it's not for me ... personally. This is too steam-punk-y. I much prefer the original, full-colour board -- even if it's a b*stard to keep together! :)

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