The Mouse Controller For The Xbox 360

The Mouse Controller For The Xbox 360

The Mouse Controller For The Xbox 360 For those who want that extra precision when they’re playing on their Xbox 360, the Splitfish FragFX mouse for the 360 is here to bring the precision of PC gaming to consoles.

Splitfish already created a PS3 mouse that is compatible with PCs and Macs. Now they’ve done the same for the 360 controller, with the XYAB buttons of the 360 controller located right near your thumb. On the nunchuk, there’s a d-pad, analogue stick and trigger buttons. The whole setup works wirelessly via the USB dongle. The FragFX Shark 360 is suppose to be customisable, lag-free (it uses 2.4GHz wireless) and lasts 50 hours on two AA batteries.

Splitfish markets the mouse as the “world’s first super precision mouse hybrid gaming controller for Xbox 360”. The PS3 version is available in the US for $US90, but there is no word on how the 360 version it will be priced in Australia.

Would you buy a gaming mouse for your console? Or is your console controller enough? Let us know!


  • As much as i would probably buy it for the advantage (that i assume it would create) over reguar controllers, it basically makes consoles into pc’s (albeit 5 year old pc’s)

  • The idea of having a mouse and a nunchuk is… awkward to say the least. Seriously. Try picking up a Wiimote at your computer, put your hand on the mouse, and now try and coordinate the two seperate control interfaces.

    …Bizarre, is it not?

    • I tried playing Tales of Monkey Island like this, 1 hand on the control for walking, the other hand on the mouse for interaction… It was very difficult.

    • I can’t believe people can even use a mouse and keyboard to play games. It has never been fun playing games on the PC, its just like doing work or surfing the web.
      A controller feels so intuitive.

      • To each their own – I’ve grown up playing games on the PC so I can’t use a gamepad to save my life in things like FPSs and 3D platformers. They’re great for things like sports games, but I don’t play many.

        I’m sure if I grew up playing consoles it’d be the other way around.

      • I play PC and console equally… if anything, a controller feels counter-intuitive. PC controls feel much more natural, when it comes to FPSs anyway. I prefer a controller for third person games, but only cause it’s easier to control your walking speed.

      • umm…… MMORPG?
        you got no idea how many thousands if not millions use both at THE SAME TIME. well, for FFXI and XIV i only use the keyboard, but for WoW i use both, cant play the game using mouse or keyboard alone, mostly the case with more than half MMORPGs out there and pc fps, yes, those actually exists, who knew, right?

  • The last thing I want is competitive online gaming is people who are playing in easy mode by using a mouse when everyone else is using a controller.

    If people want to use a mouse, go play on the platform where everyone is using a mouse.

    • I agree.
      Good thing about the xbox is that you can plug it in and play it and be on the same level as everyone else..

      And I dont want to have to set up a table in my living room, or play on the coffee table..

      • I can see the logic in this, but it’s still a baffling sentiment. You admit mouses are better, so the logic is, therefore, we should use the thing that isn’t better? Loads of people simply don’t play FPS’ or RTS’ on console because the find the control mechanism too clumsy. Xboxes ARE just PCs with a special OS and controller- this has never been up for debate. Why are we fooling ourselves into thinking they are not? Mouse support should have been supplied from day one. Saying we should all be crippled by the controller is like saying we should give EVERYBODY a laggy connection because SOME players have a high ping. FPS’ are just BETTER on a mouse, ergo we should have the mouse as an option.

        • I like shooters on my xbox and I like using a controller. But I will admit in a heartbeat that a mouse and keyboard provides a quicker outcome for aiming.

          I don’t want to say more precise because I can get headshots with a controller as precisely as I can with a mouse. But the mouse does let the user achieve a headshot more quickly.

          However, your comments about using controllers instead of a mouse is narrow-minded.

          To use a keyboard and mouse effectively, you need to sit in front of a flat surface. And in most cases you are unable to move that surface, which means you yourself are not able to shift your weight or position very often. Therefore to keep the experience comfortable, you require a comforable seat.; One that would most likely need wheels, so you can move the seat away from the interface surface without effort or strain.

          A controller allows the user the freedom to remove themselves from that fixed surface. As a result, it also allows them the ability to sit on any seat of their choosing. And a decent sofa is inevitably always more comfortable than the most expensive desk chair.

          It also allows the user to shift their weight and position whenever they feel like it. Lean in or lounge back. Even lay down if they so choose.

          In short, a gaming controller offers freedom from a desk. Something which after 8-10 hours in front of a desk all day, is so very, very euphoric.

          • I like playing 360 on the couch for casual games, and to me everything on a console is going to be casual, because it’s very comfy like you said and little effort is needed. If I’m going to play a game that I know I’m going to be really into it simply has to be on PC. When the experience comes before my comfort there is no other option.

          • HA. fyi if I knew you IRL, you’d be the brunt of a joke regarding experiences and you sacrificing your comfortability for them…

  • From here “Async multiplayer will allow Windows PCs, Windows Phone and Xbox 360 users to play against each other using multiplayer and matchmaking functionality. The support brings a new level of multiplayer gaming to Xbox LIVE once Windows 8 is available.”
    This controller will definitely help console players if anyone makes a cross platform FPS 🙂

  • It occurs to me that a keyboard/mouse combo would probably work better for the purposes of what this combo is trying to achieve.

    I’m not too fussed anyway, I’m happy sticking with the controller, the amount of people using this would be minimal.

  • I don’t know why this wasn’t a thing 3 years ago. Also brings us one step closer to everyone having to admit that consoles are just PCs with funny input devices and vice versa, PCs are not some divine machine from Olympia.

  • As long as the nunchuck is easy to hold and use the buttons, I don’t think it’s any stranger than having one hand on the keyboard, one on the mouse.

  • If you’re thinking of getting this, don’t bother. I have the ps3 frag fx shark, which is essentially the same as the xbox one except that it obviously only works on the ps3. The vertical sensitivity is far too slow compared to the horizontal, even when games are set to max sensitivity. Also, the only games it seems to work on are cod, but don’t get excited because it’s not much better than using the 360 controllers. If you are expecting this to function exactly as a mouse does, you will be disappointed. The shark is a mouse emulator- it converts mouse movements into analog stick signals, but it doesn’t do so very well. Like I said, the sensitivity is poor, especially vertical, and you can’t adjust it. In most games, the mouse staircases, meaning you cannot move the aim diagonally. This is supposed to be dealt with using the dead zone adjuster dial, but doing so makes sensitivity even worse.
    All in all, stop your excitement, because this thing is just an expensive toy at best. It works with very mixed and ultimately limited results and I do not believe it would give anyone any sort of competitive edge. Avoid. Ps. It is also very uncomfortable

    • I feared as much. Thanks for the tip, Ridort. The games just aren’t built or tested for mouse support- until there is an integrated approach from MS, it’s unlikely mouse support will ever work.

    • I had a similar peripheral which did USB mouse and keyboard for the 360.

      Same issues you described. Mapping of mouse to analogue is terrible. Not only did it ‘staircase’, but it floated a great deal of the time.

      This won’t be a game changer unless it actually works like a mouse does in PC fps. I suspect microsoft would require a substantial update for mouse and keyboards to work for the 360 well.

  • If you want to try out how this will feel and have both an Xbox and PC: Hook up your Xbox controller to the PC and then play a game like portal with the controller in you left hand and the mouse in your right (or vice versa for southpaws). If you have a standard mouse you wont get the side buttons but it will give you a good idea.

    • I was under the impression that a regular USB mouse could be plugged into the ps3? Why bother with it at all then? Is it purely that it tricks games into letting you play with a mouse? Cause as far as I knew you could only play Unreal on the ps3 with a proper usb and then no other games supported it?

  • I think it’s a cool idea, but I’d be fairly pissed off if I had to play against someone with one. Unfair advantage.

    If I ever caught someone using one at a LAN I’d probably headbutt them haha

    • It’s a weird one, reasoning being at Fighting game competitions, some people use the control pad and some use the arcade stick. Which the organizers are happy to allow.

      Shouldn’t it be the same in this situation?.. Not saying I would use one at a LAN since I prefer controllers.

  • Won’t work, unless they’ve somehow magically figured out how to overcome the look acceleration and smoothing that’s forced on to compensate for a gamepad’s lack of speed and precision the movement will feel terrible, floaty and un-responsive.

  • I know I am going to be flammed for this but I am entitled to my own opinion.

    I have to shake my head at this and ask “why?”

    Developers have to realise that development for consolers is different to PCs thus the proper way is to re-engineer the interface/controls etc to accomidate the controller.

    Seriously, if the interface stinks and is clunky with a controller, it is only going to be same if you add a mouse and keyboard to it.

    The main fact overlooked is that most chairs have harms less than half of that of a mouse mat so where is one meant to get the required surface?

    • I have my Xbox hooked up to my PC monitor and flick between PC and Xbox depending on the game I am playing.. so surface space would be no problem for someone like me.

      I was very very interested in this until I read the comments about the potential performance problems “staircasing”.

  • too bad it is made for the right handed,I am a left handed mouse user. From the early days of PC’s when mice were left handed so your right hand could use the numpad. (which is much better than wasd for gaming IMO)

    So the design alone pretty much makes me being able to use it 0. Shame really I was looking forward to products like this. How does it handle hit boxes or dead zones or whatever they’re called as they’re different for every game?

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