The New, Cheaper PSP Isn’t For You (Unless You’re A Kid!)

The New, Cheaper PSP Isn’t For You (Unless You’re A Kid!)

And if you’re a kid, you shouldn’t be reading this. You should be outside, getting some exercise. Making friends. Skipping rope.

Still with me? Awesome. So, Sony has a new model of the PSP for Europe that makes a lot of sense: it’s €99/£89 ($130), and at that price, it’s something you could pick up on an impulse when you go to the shops to buy some milk.

Except for the fact it doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Meaning this will mostly be used for singleplayer gaming only. That may be a problem for those of us old enough to drink and who like complaining about things anonymously on internet sites, but for teenagers and kids, Sony thinks it should be fine.

“You will see the audience skew younger,” Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Jim Ryan told website MCV. “At €99/£89 it will make a great Christmas gift. It’s a device to play UMD games. It’s all for the audience. If we are going to take PSP very young — teens and much younger — they are happy to just play the game. If taking Wi-Fi out is the price to pay, we’re happy to. The €99 price tag is a real barrier that we’ve got under which will help us lift off.”

The PS2 hung around for 3-4 years longer than it should have because of moves like this. Be a great achievement for Sony if the PSP could do the same, stick it out until 2014, the handheld’s 10th anniversary.

Sony targets teens with new PSP [MCV]


  • PS2 hung around? PS2 is still around sir, just check out the sales figures in Japan. Outselling 360, like a boss!

  • You could still download games from the PSN store on a PS3 and play them, couldn’t you? I’ve got very little interest in multiplayer, and a stack of minis/PS1 games via Playstation+ that I don’t play on the PS3, but I’d love to load up on one of these for travel. Not to mention most stores pretty much give away the UMD games these days.

    Seems like a good deal to me!

  • I don’t know what’s trying to tempt me more at the moment – the PSP or the 3DS. I will probably need a new DS (hence the 3DS being tempting) but the PSP tempts me with loads of arcade games (Outrun, Sega Rally, Crazy Taxi, Powerstone and Gripshift – though not really an arcade game) as well as some others and homebrew.

    I figure I’ll probably just wait until the PSP is being killed off completely, get one really cheap and buy everything I want second-hand. This model may be okay for me – I’m not interested in online access on it.

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