The Next Unreal Engine Probably Won’t Be Out Until, Oh, Around 2014

The Next Unreal Engine Probably Won’t Be Out Until, Oh, Around 2014

From what we’ve heard, the next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony won’t be with us until around 2014. Now CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, suggests something similar.

Of course, in an interview with IGN, he says nothing specific about new consoles. But he does say, when asked about a release timeframe for Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, that “this is technology that won’t see the light of day until probably around 2014”.

If you remember, Epic’s current engine, Unreal Engine 3, was timed to coincide with the Xbox 360 and PS3’s release in 2005-2006. Seeing as it would be madness to debut what’s become almost an industry standard between console generations, the fact Epic is talking about a 2014 release for its next engine only lends more weight to the theory that we’ve got a few years left in our current machines yet.

Epic Games Founder Talks Tech [IGN]


  • It’s funny, after finishing GoW3 I thought to myself that I’d love Epic’s new unreal engine to be on the next gen consoles.

  • Its hard to think that consoles will be even needed in 2014, for gaming experience from the consoles today, i believe all you need is a browser, and a screen attached to a processor with integrated graphics. This isn’t cloud base I’m are talking about browser tech thats going around now like Unity3D.

  • seriously? you guys need to get your facts correct, i assume your talking about this new unreal engine thats in demo form:

    to run that tech demo smoothly above 60fps you need three GTX580’s now a Single GTX580 card costs anywhere from $500-$700

    so if they created a game with such graphics with all the DX11 features shown then barely anyone would be able to get even close to run it at full detail without any frame rate issues, Think about this for a second an XBOX360 on its first day of release was what.. $700? a typical Single GTX580 costs around $600 .. Yeah now you’re starting to realize Why there not going to release a full engine or game currently based on that tech demo

    Google search “Mass effect 3 wiki” and to the right you will see
    “Microsoft Windows:
    Unreal Engine 3.5
    Xbox 360, PlayStation 3:
    Mass Effect 3 engine (modified Unreal Engine)”

    so when the next gen consoles hit i assume the next Unreal Engine 4 will come out but also be scaled back in detail to cope with the consoles mid range hardware

    • I think you’re getting confused between tech demo and product release. No shit that looks good, it has been pre-rendered on a high end PC. Of course the final product won’t be able to produce the same visuals in real time without a high end system. That’s the point of a tech demo, to show what it is capable of achieving.

      Don’t forget there is still 2.5 years until 2014 for Epic to refine the engine and no-one knows what spec the next consoles will be. It will still look pretty good in any case.

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