The Nintendo 3DS Will Soon Come In 'Misty Pink' For The Ladies

Designed to appeal to the fairer sex — it's pink, you see — Nintendo will release the "Misty Pink" version of the Nintendo 3DS on October 20 in Japan, said president Satoru Iwata.

Iwata commented that 3DS ownership is skewing more toward male consumers, which a pink 3DS may help to address. No word yet on a North American release, but since we're getting "Metallic Rose" Nintendo DSi XL soon, a "Misty Pink" future is probably likely.

[Kotaku AU Editor: Of course, this is the perfect solution! Everyone knows that girls will buy anything as long as it's pink. In related news, Tampax is expected to announce gunmetal grey tampons for men tomorrow.]


    Misty Pink?

    More like Manly Pink!

      Most definitely. I'm going to have to buy a second 3DS just so I can get one in this MANLY MANLY colour. Thanks Nintendo, this is just what I was looking for! (I am honestly not sure how serious I am, but I would happily buy a pink 3DS if I didn't already have one, just for the lols)

        And I left my name in its troll state. *Sigh* I'm awesome.

      I would LOVE some manly pink. Gimme a protoype, stat!

        I have a shirt that is actually light red, and not pink, does that count?

          The two options are:

          It's not pink it's lightish red!


          It's salmon!

          I prefer the Red vs Blue reference, but seeing as we're more than 10 years after the end of Friends, it's almost nostalgic to make a Friends reference now.

            I prefer the RvB reference too, but despite people not believing me, it really is just lightish red!

          Oh, so in order to change this way of thinking we need to have another World War?

            I can get behind that logic.

            Should we shoot a cardinal to get the ball rolling or just invade Canada?

        If Stephen Fry is to be believed, and I cannot imagine a situation where he is not to be believed, then pink used to be the colour for baby boys.

        All we need to do is set our minds back a few decades to the 1920s-1940s and all pink is manly pink!

        Admittedly, we'd lose a few things in the the technology to make 3DSs but if they could exist, then all pink variants would be manly pink.

        Oh Tracey!!!!
        Don't tease us so....

    Yes, because the only reason why women don't buy the 3DS, and anything else game related, is because they're not pink.

    In unrelated news, Season 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will start off in favour of the men watching the show by having the episode focused on Rainbow Dash coming out of the closet!

      In Japan, there's a really strong traditional base for women who stick to the girly/cute formula.

        Indeed. Was just about to say the same thing.

        Yes, I know. Not that women actually agree with it. Women in Japan are getting annoyed that the only way they can be "desired" is to talk like a 5 year old.

        I even remember a story about a decade ago that a woman was married and when she returned from her Honeymoon she discovered that everything she owned at work was moved away into the closet. So she had to move everything back and just went back to work even though everybody there had assumed that once she was a wife her career was over.

    That last statement is mighty bitter.
    You do realise that Nintendo aren't going to just stop at pink for the girls, right? They aren't that stupid.

      It's sarcasm.

        That is quite obvious. You can have different kinds of sarcasm, you know.

        ... and it was bloody funny too!

          I hope that pun was unintended.

            OH DEAR GOD.. IT WAS UNINTENDED!... but now that you mention it it was one of the greatest puns of all time in the history of the internet and is awesome and I'm just glad to be a part of it!

            *re-reads his post looking for more puns.. nope, all good (I think)*

      QUIET YOU! Get back to washing the puppies!

    Grey tampons? Finally. I've wanted to use tampons, but they since they were in girly white it sort of stopped me. Now since they're in such a manly colour I might be able to try them without risking my manliness.

      That's the spirit!

      Finally, something to stop the bleeding.



        I'm having flashbacks to a South Park episode when no-one would talk to the boys about puberty.
        Didn't end well for Kenny.

    I can't believe no one has commented that Nintendo is releasing a new 3DS colour when a revision is on the way, and expected to be close...

    this goes so well with the manly man shirt I'm wearing right now !

    Only real men can wear pink.

    I'm so pissed off, I just recently bought a red 3DS and now they're coming out with a pink one, I'm so mad. I don't even know if it's going to be released in Canada, and if it is then I'm going to go buy it because it's retarded that they decided to bring out a pink 3DS now instead of just doing it at the start.

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