The Original PlayStation Controllers Looked Stupid

There's a reason why the world has the PlayStation 1 controller it does. The reason is that the other PS1 controller prototypes were dumb-looking.

Previously, Kotaku's Total Recall featured the PlayStation 1 controller you never got to use.

Before Sony settled on the new iconic PlayStation controller, it tried and tried again to create something that didn't totally look like an upside down Super Nintendo controller.

Here, you can actually see some of the prototypes evolve into the PS controller you know and love, right before your very eyes.

プテステのコントローラー原案、ダセーwwww [オレ的]


    One thing before, the PS1 controller was the most revolutionary controller. It was the first controller that was mainstream friendly. Then it would help spawn the dual analog sticks which would push controllers to the next level.

      I'd say the SNES was pretty mainstream friendly. :/

      Speaking of friendly, that last one looks amazingly UNfriendly to hands. Did they look at plans upside down or something?

      Ahahah. No it wasn't.

      The only reason Sony installed dual analogue sticks and vibration was to one-up Nintendo's N64 + Rumble Pak. This is why the sticks are in such an unergonomic position at the bottom of the controller, like they've been literally tacked onto the bottom. That's exactly what happened.

      It took a ages before the first game to use both sticks effectively came out (Ape Escape). Sony's done this before with the Sixaxis hastily rushed out with token support, just so they can use the tag "motion controller" to counter the Wii. Then they went again for round 2 with the Move.

        Porsche Challenge used both analog sticks before Ape Escape, and was the first PSone game to feature rumble (which was built into the game before the dual-analog MK1 was released, as the original analog pad only had rumble in the Japanese version, the western version still had the vibration slot inside the controller, they just removed the motor. Got a bit sidetracked, but yeah)

          I know there were games between the launchss of Dualshock 1 and Ape Escape (I'd sure hope so! Given it was around 2 years in between), but like the Sixaxis, none of those early titles used them particularly well, and it was Ape Escape that truly utilised dual thumbsticks in a modern way.

          This is in response to how the Dualshock completely revolutionised the landscape of console gaming. It didn't. Indeed the first game to really bring about console FPS genre was Halo, a whole generation after either the N64/Dualshock.

            What do you call Goldeneye then? Chopped Liver?

              Goldeneye is defiantly a noted entry and indeed a revolution in the console FPS, but as amazing as it was in it's time, it really stood alone, with virtually no other FPS's like it on the market for despite it's serious flaws (mainly control issues) it was well recieved and is remembered fondly.
              However steve is defiantly right about Halo, iirc the game was originally intended for PC but was later shifted to console...what makes it so revolutionary and indeed the "father" of all true console FPS's is honestly that Halo was the first console shooter to truly nail a great control system...context sensitive, fluid and everything readily available.
              If you really look at it, you can see that since Halo almost all successful FPS's have adopted the same (or improved upon) Halo's original control scheme.

            Yeah, I know what you mean though, Ape Escape definetly was the first PSone game that was designed from the start to use Dual Sticks and it showed (I always remember using the RC Car, always sticks in my head). I think I actually remember saying to my brother, "wow, it uses both sticks at the same time" (or something), which sounds pretty funny nowadays!

    I can't see how taking an idea from another company and doing it twice classifies as pushing controllers to the 'next level'. . .

      They're doing it with the Vita too. Throwing every input mechanism known to man at it: touchscreen, gyroscope, camera, mic, back touch panel, etc.

      It doesn't count as 'innovation' if you're just taking stuff already done and turning it up to 11.

    I still say the best controller ive ever used on a console was the original Xbox controller due to the fact that it wasnt a tiny piece of shit.

    I hate the PS controller and SNES and N64 controllers, i hated the master system controllers and mega drive 2 controllers but liked the original mega drive controller.
    Dont get me wrong, if i had small hands, id have no issues with the PS controllers, but because i have big hands, small controllers are just too uncomfortable

      I have big hands too and I love the PS controllers. Fairly sure you're an Xbox fanboy, only because you called every other controller in existence a 'tiny piece of shit'.

        360 controller was the best for me. Its the only one that fits my hands. PS controllers are shocking (IMO), too flimsy, too light, and the triggers are just in an uncomfortable spot. Don't really have an issue with other controlers, the PS one is the only one that i find annoying to use

    I remember someome released a game called Boxter Challenge or something (Porche racing game) and it had a rumble function - like 6 months before the Dual Shock was released. I can't quite remember the details, but it might not have even been announced at this point.

    And to think... They could have almost put the left thumbstick somewhere where it wouldn't cause me horrible cramps... Such a waste.

      What are you, are gamer or a mouse! ha. ha. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

    I love how fanboys love talking about who "stole" what... honestly, as a consumer, and gamer, I really dont give a crap... i'd rather focus my time and energy on finding the one that did it BEST. PS controllers are awesome, period. Nintendo never released a good controller until GameCube, and Microsoft's original Xbox controller was the biggest, clunkiest piece of crap Ive ever held... they eventually got it right with Controller S.

    Face the facts guys.

      lol what facts? From what I've heard, the majority of people dislike the PS controller.

      Agreed with the original xbox controller though, that was too heavy. I think they've nailed it with the 360 though. Its the only one thats actually felt comfortable to me.

      To each their own I guess :)

    The Playstation controller always was and always will be an ergonomic nightmare. Utterly awful.

    The Gamecube controller was lovely and the Xbox 360 controller is quite nice.

    I can't believe some are labelling the PS1 pad poor ergonomically, especially up against the 64 pad. At least the PS1 didn't require you to move your hand off the controller to find the control method you'd like and despite the fact I have long fingers, I never once experienced issues with cramping. On top of this, the damn things lasted years and years after drops and everything. Sure the 64 pad had analogue first, but the PS1 pad did it well first, setting the tone for the GCN and Xbox pads.

      Garbage, at least the N64 was contoured to your hand and not just a bunch of (be it iconic) awkward shapes to hold. Both the rumble and the analog idea were both stolen and although the distance between the analog stick and the buttons was an oversight, it was a brand new premise at the time. What kills me is who in their right mind would ever think the PS controller was some sort of bastion of comfort?! After using the 360 and switching back to the PS3, control pads don’t get much worse ! People have just been conditioned over time to using it and now it feels right at home for some unnatural reason.

    360 is the best controller for me. Although I didn't mind the dreamcast one either, or the original PS controllers (back when they had a bit of wait and decent triggers)

    I love the PS controllers. The only problem I have is the L2+R2 triggers, which I find really hard to keep my fingers on. I've found that I can only do a few races on Hot Pursuit before my hands hurt.

    The Ps3 controllers have short handles for some reason, xbox 360 controller has a slight lead in the controller scene because of that.

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