The Pause That Refreshes

Concept for a Coca-Cola can celebrating video games, inspired by the art of the French street artist Space Invader. Not an actual can design of the soft-drink giant (and not actually designed by Invader). Concepts for Coke Zero and Diet Coke are at the link.


    that's really cool, probably something that i would purchase a set of, just to have the cans on a shelf.

    That's awesome.
    I think I like the pixellated logo more than the space invaders :)

    reminds me of that old PS1 game by pepsi, where you had to roll a guy on a can of pepsi down a hill and avoid shit and other pointless boring stuff.

    But I stilled played it all the time at after school care back in 2003 xD

      7-up had a sidescrolling platformer called "cool spot". Basically a red smartie with shades and sneakers who jumped around shooting fizzy CO2 bubbles at the baddies. First game for my first console - SNES.

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