The PC And Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 Trailers, Head-to-Head

We've recently seen two trailers for Battlefield 3, one with footage from the Xbox 360 version, one from the PC version, both showing gameplay from "Operation Guillotine."

While watching the recently released 360 trailer, I was struck by how much better the PC version looked, despite the fact that the clips in the 360 version are a bit different. I cobbled together the video above to let y'all take a look too. (Neither clip was incredibly high-res to begin with, and the mortar clip is pretty short for the PC — sorry, you work with what ya got!)

So, it's hard to tell too much, but considering how incredible the PC version of the game has been looking, the 360 version actually isn't looking too shabby. Though of course, we'll have to wait to see a good deal more of the game (and to see a daytime mission) to tell more.

I'm mostly curious as to why no one gets stabbed in the 360 trailer. Maybe stabbing is PC-exclusive.


    360 looks good considering how old the hardware is.

    The mortar one looked exactly the same to me

    Unfortunately I'm not in a place to judge because I am using a laptop with a iphone personal hotspot internet connection, the video won't load. That being said, I'm suprised there aren't more comments from people regarding what platform they'll be choosing and why.

    Remember that PC is twice the framerate on a higher resolution

      damn can't forget about that fps that doesn't make a difference to the gameplay whatsoever.

        you kidding? it makes a massive difference. if i know spinning my mouse 720 degrees will make my game hitch i wont do it, so having a higher fraps makes me more confident in my motions in the game, i kill people better.


        So... you're obviously a console player.

    why is every video on kotaku coming up as Video not found for the last week. yes ive got the latest flash/quicktime all that shiz

    Xbox = Home theatre setup, guaranteed to work, looks damned fine.

    PC = headphones, probably need to install drivers and fiddle with *.ini files and be harangued on forums and then get an inconsistent framerate unless you've got a $2,000 "rig", graphics look a little better.

    That's me, anyway.

      graphics look a little better isn't quite right.

      graphics will be higher res, better shaded and smoother would be more accurate.

      and only a fool would overlook the difference between 64 player multi vs 24.

      While your delorean recalibrates it's time circuits, let me fill you in on a few things which have transpired since you departed in the 1990's...........

      what about the screen and home theatre costs

    The climbing the wall part for PC was either not on full settings or they've used low-res textures in some parts. Everything else though looks a helluva lot better.

    PC = Hackers

    Console = better online community for playing with mates!

    Over all I get way more enjoyment from my console VS PC and i'm a PC battlefield Vet

    Rather BF3 for console.

      Last time I checked there were more Steamwork members than Xbox live so i'm not exactly sure whether your comment regarding consoles having better online community is accurate. As a PC battlefield vet you should be more than aware that the PC has better controls / customisations and immersion than a hardware which is close to 7 years old. Consoles may be easier to play but then that's just saying a Holden Commodore is better than a Ferrari cos Ferrari's use manual and cost too much.

    Also with the 64 player, BF SUCKS with that amount of people ask any BF vet 32 to 48 was well rounded, tighter team work and over all more fun.

    64 was just NADE NADE NADE NADE NADE NADE NADE bore feast.

      it doesnt have to be 64 players. but it CAN be 64 players. the consoles are limited to a max of 32.

      so if 64 players is too much, im sure there will be servers with 48 players or whatever number feels the most well rounded.

      BF2 Vet here.

      Wake Island 64 player was my home and it was anything BUT a nade bore fest and some of the most fun I've ever had with a game.

      Also how is the console online community better? Consoles get a far higher population of mouth-breathers.

    Don't care which one looks better, I'm taking the PC version due to keyboard + mouse. Firm believer console controllers are lesser equipment for playing FPS games.

    Wow pc, console who cares. We all get bf3 in one form or another. Get over it guys

    And what about ps3?...
    lol, nevermind, I know I know...

    My PC is next to the Big ass TV next to the Xbox360 above the big ass 5.1 amp in the lounge room, it's not the 90's PC's have HDMI and I'm not a total tard so I will insert the DVD, hit install ,launch game and play.
    PC will have better graphics, Resolution,controls and Console will have better online multiplayer and won't be released in a unplayable buggy ass Meh whatevs state that the PC version will be released in.

      I'm sorry, in what world is console multiplayer better then PC multiplayer? O_o
      And your argument on bugs is invalid, both hardware systems come with bugs.

    Live is a much better experience for playing online multiplayer than on a PC, just comparing the two with no Fanboi shit involved.

      Depends what you are comparing it to Moloko. I respect that matchmaking is easy to play, convenient and easy to use, but how do you define 'better'. Would you suggest that WoW (the biggest MMORPG in the world) for example would run better on a console or that the community would be 'better' on a console? If that were the case then why haven't Activision ported it to console Eons ago? With all due respects the XBoX and PS3 have been great but outdated platforms for many games. Performance wise they simply don't stand up to the PC which is also why Dice chose this particular platform to showcase most of their in-game trailers.

    I confess, I am now a lazy gamer.
    I just want to jump into a game with the minimum of hassle and play.

    I just want a comfy chair, a 55 inch screen and a controller.

    When you are in the thick of the game when have you thought, "I would really enjoy this more if there was some more radiosity shading.."
    You are more likely "lol that guy got detonated and ragdolled off the roof"

    Maybe if you are more evolved you enjoy it with a glass of pinot gris while discussing mans inherent self destructive qualities that drive us as a race to settle our ideological differences with warfare.

    Either way its all good we will all get to enjoy it.

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