The PS3 Pad That Copies The 360’s Controller

The PS3 Pad That Copies The 360’s Controller

While there have been adapters allowing you to use 360 pads on a PS3 for a while now (and vice versa), it’s not often you see a controller released that promises to literally copy one platform’s pad and replicate it on another.

That’s exactly what Speedlink’s new PS3 controller promises to do, though, taking the Xbox 360 controller layout and putting it on a pad that works with Sony’s console, not Microsoft’s.

It’s not just the layout that’s been copied, either. The controller is called the XEOX (it’s out in October), and in place of the PlayStation button in the centre of the pad there’s a green ring that looks a lot like the 360’s guide button. Even the font is similar to that used by Microsoft. Which is slightly less alarming when you see that it already exists on PC (where the 360 pad has become the default standard in controllers), and all that’s being done here is a change for the face buttons from letters to the PlayStation’s icons.

Sounds bananas, but I’m actually interested in this. Ever since the Dreamcast I’ve preferred my main thumbstick to be in the top-left, and as such normally prefer the 360 version of a game to the PS3 as it feels more comfortable to me. Provided this was actually a decent pad, this would even things up. Though I imagine seeing one next to both an official 360 and PS3 controller would be awkward.

Will you buy the new Xbox 360-styled controller for your PS3? [PSU]


  • Having bought a 360 style controller for the PS3, I can safely say that unless they bother to make it out of decent materials, it will end up sucking.

    I assume this one will end up sucking.

  • I’ve never really used a 360 controller :s

    I only just really thought about it, but that’s kinda weird… No Xbox games really appealed to me though, most games I want are multiplatform, and 360 does dominate in terms of shooters, but I’m a JRPG buff…..

    Might have to get my hands on one of these controllers if they really are better…

  • sounds good to me as I cannot stand the PS3 controller it is hopeless for people with large hands. Its fine for a while but when you get stuck into a long gaming session you will come out with cramped hands. The 360 controller fits like a glove.

    • I remember when I switched to the 360 controller from the ps2.even as a kid I suffered from cramps in my thumbs cos of those bloody analogs. plus the triggers feel like triggers and are comfortable for accelerating cars in games like gtaiv

  • Very rarely do I use a 360 controller, but the main thing I dislike about the PS3 controller is that the L2/R2 triggers are curved downwards, which I find a bit hard to grip for long periods (eg. racing games). It should be curved slightly up, imo.

    • Agreed. I just ordered a set of Giotek triggers, which clip onto the PS3 triggers to make them curve out, so you can grip without sliding off. Unfortunately I just completed Mass Effect 2 over the weekend, so they won’t help with scanning.

      Search eBay for them. Mine were about $13 for two sets.

      There’s a Batman controller coming out for Arkham City that mirrors the 360 too. Looking forward to reading reviews. Love my PS3, hate the controller.

      • This +1!

        I use the Giotek triggers and couldn’t be happier with the duelshock with those on.. in saying that I can’t stand using my mates controls without em now.

    • Hah! I will take a 360 controller layout any day, anytime.

      But I will be the first to defend the reliability of a PS Controller. It’s the last thing I would be calling cheap after using ANY accessory for the 360.

      I will fault the layout of a PS3 controller, the thumb sticks & the triggers – but at least they are built to last. A replaceable battery like the 360 would be preferable – but at least the PS battery doesn’t bomb within 12 months. At least the buttons don’t get jammed up AND at least the PS3 controller actually turns on when you press the PS button unlike the Xbox button.

      Each have their own faults – the Xbox controller is all technical and the way its manufactured.
      The PS3 faults are its designs.

    • “outdated, cheap, flimsy, RSI-inducing crud”

      You must have a different PS controller than me, because I love the DualShock. The only thing I’d change would be for the analogue sticks to feel a little “tighter”, a little more responsive to small movements.

      Other than that, I’ll take the size, shape and layout of the DS over the 360 controller every day of every week.

  • Never been a fan of the PS3’s DPad, where all the buttons are separate. MAkes manuvers in fighting games a bit more awkward, whereas the 360 has an 8 direction pad (or close enough with it’s design)

  • I’m not a fan of the Dualshock (but I don’t exactly hate it) and always preferred the left stick sitting in the proper neutral position (as with the Xbox, GCN etc controllers). I’ve used a 3rd party Xbox-style controller for my PS3 before, but it was flimsy. I’d definitely give this one a look-see if it’s decently priced.

    Yes, the triggers are awful on the DS3 as well.

  • i agree, i use my PS3 controller on my PC, and in the past (ps2 + ps1) every time ive tried a third party controller at someones house its been a P.O.S with clunky buttons that make me lose a race!

  • WOW! I must be the only one that prefers a PS3 control over a XBOX control. I am a playstation fan boy but have had an original Xbox and now a 360. I prefer the dual shock over the 360 anytime. I’ve pre ordered Battlefield 3 on 360 for the graphics but have decided to get it on PS3 ASWELL due to the controller. I find it a lot easier to aim/handle. Each to their own, but I’ve grown up with it and prefer it than anything else.

    • heh i started with a Xbox control pad which i though was awesome, migrated to the small controller, of which i went through about 5 of, big controller still works :D.

      And having become a PS3 user at the start of it’s cycle i greatly prefer the PS3 pad

      find it way nicer to control games, when i’m forced to jump over from PC for the PS3 exclusive’s.

      and so far haven’t had one break and given where some of them have been over the years of parties my PS3 has been in thats impressive

    • Agreed, I do the same because I just can’t stand the ps3 controller (it’s hand cramptacular) but the only issue is the motion control, a real problem for killzone 2 where you have to turn the bomb triggers to arm them with sixaxis….


  • the only problem is these 3rd party PS3 controllers don’t usually have sixaxis… or just don’t care to mention it, as far as i know.

    a lot of you wouldn’t really care any how since you’re not going to be using it to play games that require shaking motions, but if i have some friends over to play little big planet, and one of them has to be delegated to the ps360 controller, he’ll be the only one who can’t move his neck at all.

    like i said, most of you won’t really care, but it brings the experience down if you can’t move your head to make sack things make out with each other…….

    ._ .

  • Controllers, always leading to opinions stated as facts, plenty of people like the PS3 pad over the 360 one and vice versa.
    Personally the only controller I dislike more than xbox controller is the NES. I consider it about on par with the SNES. Hate the shape, hate the shoulder buttons, hate the analogue sticks (oh god they burn), hate the feel of the face buttons, hate the placement of everything except the d-pad, in fact the xbox d-pad is the ONLY thing I like about it.
    But then i don’t consider the PS3 pad perfect either, just prefer it in every way over the alternative (minus its d-pad)

  • I used to find the PS3 controller a bit small, but I bought these rubber grip things from Big W, they are for EA games and have a little EA sticker on them but that comes off easily, they bulk up the controller a bit and it sits better in my hands, and it also came with trigger clip-on things that extend them slightly and make them curve out more, it also came with 2 concave caps for the thumb sticks. Not sure if they still sell them but they were about $20.

  • I have an adaptor to use the 360 controller on the PS3 but have found it weird for shooters because PS3 shooters tend to use L1 and R1 as the main action buttons, which map to the bumpers on the 360 controller rather than the triggers.

    I don’t actually mind the PS3 controller though, the dpad is in a better position for fighters and my giant hands don’t have a problem reaching the analogue sticks where they are.

  • Yeah I really don’t like the PS controller, and its one of the main reasons I rarely game on that console. The sticks are in a bad spot, the triggers are shaped so that your fingers constantly slip off, and the weight of the Ps3 controller is annoying, it feels like its going to break in my hands.

    Might just have a look at this, although i’m not the biggest fan of third party controllers

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