The Raveonettes Premiere A Dark Bit Of Sonic Strangeness For The Batman: Arkham City Soundtrack

We already know that the soundtrack for Batman: Arkham City looks promising. It'll feature original tracks from a ton of bands, including Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Boxer Rebellion, Serj Tankian and The Raveonettes. All of the groups seem to have put a lot of work into providing quality cuts.

The track from the Danish electro duo The Raveonettes is now streaming online. Titled "Oh, Stranger", it's a suitably dark, gothic bit of electro, a dramatic build to a pusling beat, all layered guitars and stadium-sized reverb. Dare I say that it sounds a little bit... Batman-y? The Arkham City video montages practically direct and edit themselves.

Give it a listen for yourself:

The Arkham City soundtrack goes on sale on October 4, two weeks before the game comes out on October 18.

[via Spinner]

Photo: Alba Mayoral Escudero


    Usually these types of soundtracks (songs 'inspired by' a movie or game) are horrible, but they've got some great bands on here. For the first time ever, I'm actually really excited to check out the extra stuff they're throwing into this collectors edition.

    Why can't it be October now?!

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