The Skyrim Collector's Edition Is Friggin' Huge

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector's Edition, as seen on the Bethesda Blog, won't just fill a store shelf, it is a store shelf.


    Steam pre-order makes me sad now :(

    I'm getting progressively more worried will cancel international orders due to the ridiculous amount of money it will cost to ship that.

      I emailed them at amazon and they said shipping was $20...

        Well aware of that. Got my order in. At that price amazon will lose money on shipping something that large. Its a matter of amazon's fixed shipping prices working against them in this instance.

        So once again, closer to release date I'm curious if amazon will put the bleeding of the shipping price per unit ahead of customer service and cancel the order.

    ...I'm so annoyed that the PC version sold out so quickly...

    I glad I put down the dosh for one of these. That looks impressive.

    Hmmm, might have to actually invest in one of the these editions mabey :)

    Glad to see I didn't waste my money.

    Just to confirm, this is the big plastic dragon version right?

    Glad I pre-ordered on steam, I don't want all this useless junk taking up space.

    The box art makes me want to play. I've never been a huge Elder Scrolls fan, but possibly might jump aboard the bandwagon this time around.

    I didn't get the CE of this simply because it wouldn't fit inside my display case of other CE goodness. And it would dwarf my figure of Big Boss, and then he'd go all CQC on it.

    I wonder how heavy it is....

    *Tried to pick it up and breaks both legs.*


      You are overencumbered.

        I lol'd.

    I have always had a fair bit of luck with my lock JB with CE/LE editions, let see if that holds true (not that its going to bother me if i DONT get one but will buy one if available)

    Ok, it's a big box, but what's in it? How much are we paying for it?

    Please make the article a little more informative than this...

      A poorly designed(imo) dragon statue, a black notebook which is kinda cool, and a map of the game world based on the blog link. The book makes it tempting, and the case looks pretty cool, but the dragon ruins it for me, just because of price.

      Is this the shortest article yet? Seems close.

    I was very lucky to get one, i think my employment at Eb helped with that. I was personally unhappy with the price, but because it is the only version which comes with the Artwork book rather then that of the notebook i am willing to pay.they were VERY limited in amounts created,(less than 7 of them were given to each Eb store, some of which were given none).

    I will be there on the 11/11/11 picking up my Collectors edition in its ridiculously large box.

    There is just one game I have been drooling over this year. I normally don't scour the interwebz for news on a game but there is just one game that I have been doing just that...

    ...and this is that game, albeit on PC.

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