The Space Marine's Hand Book

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is an action shooter with weight. And that weight doesn't come from just the screen-shaking heft of the marines you play, it also comes from the deep history of the nearly 25-year-old franchise upon which the game was built.

Here's a quick look at the scene-setting Hand Book that was sent along to reviewers. Enjoy.


    If you want history, have fun reading the real Codex, if u ever get thru it lol.

      Agreed. The Codex Imperialis is the best source of 40K lore.

    JBHIFI had a bunch of these a couple of weeks ago.

    Yep, I got one from JB and mentioned it at whirlpool. Pretty good for free

    EB had piles of these for customers to pick up months ago.

    <3 40k lore. Here's hoping Space Marine translates this great universe into an action game with the same finesse that DoW translated it into RTS.

    Anybody else hoping that there could be a game based on Epic, with Titans and Gargants etc., in Supreme Commander style?

    In the old days we would call this a video game manual.

      In ma day we made computer games in our MINDS! Didn't need no fancy graphics cards, we had our `maginations! We weren't well!

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