The Street Fighter X Tekken Battle We've All Been Waiting For

It's a battle so titanic that only Tokyo, birthplace of giant mutated monsters, could possibly hope to contain it! This isn't about Street Fighter X Tekken anymore. It's all about Rufus X Bob.

Seriously, they could have just released Rufus X Bob and I would have gladly paid $US60 for it. Just look at how much fun they're having in this Tokyo Game Show trailer!

Of course this is the Capcom side of the Street Fighter, Tekken crossover, so they'd release Rufus X Bob and then six months later announce Ultimate Rufus X Bob, featuring the rest of the characters and all of the Rufus and Bob costumes they already released as downloadable content.

And there would be no Mega Man.


    That was awesome.

    the video AND the last 2 paragraphs.

    Still won't be getting the game. I'll wait for Super Street Fighter X Turbo Tekken Alpha Dash Remix or whatever.

    Street Fighter X Tekken - Ultimate Zero Shit Slap Strike Table Flipping Collector's Arcade Volume 9000

    Haha Zangief. For a guy who 69's people for a living, you'd think he'd be used to a woman's touch.


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