The $US400 Gears Of War 3 Case

OK, not really. It's the special edition Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 console, which happens to include the upcoming shooter. But really, it's like a really, really expensive, game-playing case for the game. Right?

Don't mind me I'm on NO SLEEP. NO SLEEP JERRY! NO SLEEP.

Originally I shot an unboxing of this red and black console, but it was missing the actual game because this is a pre-production unit. It confused me so much I decided to reshoot the video in the somber early hours of a Tuesday with little sleep.

The $US400 console comes with two themed controllers, an Xbox 360 with a chunky 320GB harddrive and a normal headset and connector cables. Oh, and the console makes sounds from the game when you touch it just right.


    ummm... it's upside-down dumbass!!

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