The Wii Balance Board Is Back In Black

The Wii Balance Board Is Back In Black

I have a Wii Balance Board. I have not used it for years. Maybe things would be different if there were more games for it. Maybe things would be different if it came in a different colour — like black.

According to website Eurogamer, Europe is getting a black Balance Board bundle that comes with Wii Fit Plus. It will be out on October 7. No word yet on releases elsewhere.

You know the difference between the white Wii Balance Board and the black one? The black one shows dust easier.

Black Wii Fit Plus pack announced News []


  • My balance board had it’s batteries taken out to power my tv remote about two years ago. It hasn’t got them back yet.

  • As an employee at a games store I beg all of you to stop trading these in. We can never sell them preowned because of all the fungus related things that get onto them.

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