The World's Average Download Speed Is 580Kbps

That figure comes courtesy of a Global Download Report published by the global game-delivery company Pando Networks. The study, which was conducted from January 1 through June 30, 2011, tracked the download speeds of 21 million gamers around the world. Most of the gamers Pando works with are in the MMO/Free-To-Play realm, playing games like League of Legends and Lord of the Rings Online.

Salient findings are listed in a handy infographic at the end of this post, including the fact that the United States doesn't even crack the top 15 fastest countries in the world (though way to go Andover, Massachusetts, for being one of only two of the top 12 fastest cities not located in South Korea)! Verizon is our fastest internet provider, followed by Comcast. AT&T is quite a ways down the list.

Virgin Media rules Great Britain, and Dacom Corp is king in South Korea. South Korea's sixth-fastest download service is almost three times faster than the United States' fastest. Dang.

I should note that Pando sent these numbers with no third-party corroboration; we're taking them at their word on the soundness of the study and its findings. A representative from Pando told me that the users on their network might be a touch faster than average due to their high use of peer-to-peer file sharing.

The infographic below breaks the whole study down (larger version here).


    Well if they'd hurry up getting the NBN here....

      i was one of the first customers on the nbn :P

      been enjoying myself, unfortunately torrent box is dead atm so my tb of quota a month is not being utilised particularly well

    I'd love it if I was able to get 580KBps... :P

    the maximum I can down load is at 600kbps and that's only when it's a torrent with lots of seeds

    I pay for 20MB/sec down/1MB/sec upload... in reality I get half that speed, which is still 10MB/sec download... lulz @ average

      No, you don't. This is megabytes/second, you're quoting your theoretical megabits/second. So in reality the best you can ever get is around 1 megabyte/second, and the only place you will ever get that is sites like Microsoft or Apple, or a really really well seeded torrent...

      Also, you're paying for ADSL2+ which makes not claim that you will achieve 20mbps, let alone 20MBps.
      You get what your line and hardware can provide. In fact, if you compare what you're paying for your internet access to what many Americans are shelling out for Comcast, you're in a fairly good position.

    Shhhhhhh. Stop talking about it! If Tony Abbot finds out he'll use this to argue that we don't need faster internets.

    It says 580 Kilobits per second, not 580 kilobytes per second. Since 10 megabits per second will net you roughly 1.0 megabytes per second download speed, 580 kilobits would net you around 50 kilobytes per second download speed. That's terrible.

    hang on a sec.. is it bits (b) or bytes (B)?

    im going with bytes, it makes more sense once you've done the numbers.
    so 580 kiloBytes per second is 4640 kilobits per second which is 4.6Mbps, which is still faster than my POS ADSL2 i get here....

    So where's my bloody NBN.

    450 kbp/s max down speed here, almost 3kms from the exchange with optus.

    I was using amnet before I moved.
    my speed was 12Mb from a speed test

    340KBps is my best.
    it is bloody crap, i struggle to even stream youtube sometimes

    i can get high 500s even though the plan says 750, and I hardly ever get that high, also often get horrible pings

    On ADSL2+ living near an inner-Sydney node, I'm getting max 500 kB/s downstream and this is only very very rare (Steam, MS, extremely well-seeded torrents).

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