There Are Voice Actors For Dogs. And Horses.

Hard-working professionals (who usually stand on two feet) are paid to sound like dogs and, now horses in the video game series The Sims 3 Pets. Today, we present footage of some of their work.

We also present a twist in the world of video game animal sounds: for this October's The Sims 3 Pets, the game's creators are merging the voice-acting of humans and animals. How? Why? Watch, listen, learn and see if you can tell human from beast.


    Would that guy happen to be Frank Welker? Highest grossing actor of all time and supplier of animal voices for pretty much any movie, tv show or video game for the last few decades?

    You might know him as the original Fred from Scooby do, Megatron, Nibbler or Abu from Aladdin.

      *facepalm* Are Kotaku US even TRYING anymore?

    Now thats just straight up sexy!

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