There Will Be At Least Six Blizzard Releases In The Next Three Years

Up on stage at the Citi 2011 Technology Conference last week, Activision Blizzard COO Thomas Tippl told attendees that over the next three years there should be six "proven property" releases from Blizzard.

That doesn't mean six games. It just means six releases, as five of them are going to be expansions: two more add-ons for World of Warcraft (as it would be nearing its tenth birthday), the two remaining campaigns for StarCraft II and one expansion for Diablo III, which should be out before...2014.

The sixth and final release being, of course, Diablo III. So, Blizzard fans, there's your roadmap for the next three years!

Tippl's wording is interesting, as by specifically mentioning "proven property" releases he's not touching on unproven releases. Like, say, the new MMO the company has been working on these past few years.

Blizzard three-year plan includes two World of Warcraft, Starcraft II add-ons [GameSpot]


    If by 6 Blizzard releases you mean 6 Blizzard delays.

    You're forgetting TITAN.

      Titan is not a “proven property”

      And we don't even know if we will see it in the next three years.

    2 words...Starcraft Ghost

      2 more words... is cancelled

    Activision (Blizzard) ex CFO now COO Thomas Tippl has no say on when or how Blizzard releases its titles. This is Activisions wish list...

    They do this every year its actually pretty funny. As much as they wish this was the case Blizzard will not be pushed to release a title of something every year like Activision does with the rest of the companies under its banner.

      What are you talking about, SC2 was released way too early due to pressure and was a buggy, unbalanced mess.

      Oh wait, no it wasn't. It was smooth and awesome because the developer spent enough time polishing it. TAKE NOTE, OTHERS!

      What other developers put as much polish on their games as Blizzard & Valve? Naughty Dog? Rockstar?

        Until DA2; Bioware - ME2 was flawless.

        Dude, it's only 1/3 of a game.

        Single player was brilliant, but it has limited replayability. MP sucked possum arse - It's so mathematically painful that there is no point in playing it unless you can code in hex or are from South East Asia.

          It's mathematically painful? What?

          Anyone can play MP, you sound like you've gotten trashed on the ladder and that's why you're upset. Practice and you'll get better :D

          You've either played it for less than 10 minutes, or you have NO idea what you're talking about.

        sc2 won't be balanced for years.

          really? I play at platinum level, and there are no matchups I feel I can't win ... and the pros (i.e. players much better than me) seem to agree ... you never see a zerg say "aw well, It's protoss ... time to GG"

            Unless they're named Idra.


    i call bullshit

    4.Panda wow
    5.Titan (playable internal alpha for a while now)
    5.more underpants
    6.Warcraft adventures/Ghost are both cancelled due to being complete crud although the later was an external dev so.. it's possible
    6. Wow free to play... (yes the git would consider this a proven thingo)
    7. Another DOTA game...?

      Titan is a new IP, not a 'proven property' and that Dota is just a Blizzard made Custom map for Starcraft 2.

        WC3 not SC2 buddy

          Actually, he is referring to the currently in production Blizzard created Dota mod. Which IS for Starcraft 2. And would not count as a 'release' as it is not a new game, just a map/mod.

          The original Dota was not created by, nor as far as I know, had any input from Blizzard, and the main developer/contributor for the War3 Dota is working for Valve now on Dota2.

      Valve is releasing DOTA 2, DOTA 1 was just a mod and its getting its own full source release now.

    lol activision can go jump. blizzard will release what they want, when they want. and what they will release will not be rushed out in 3 years

    On the supposedly leaked product slate from December was a title named Starcraft: Phoenix. I think it was listed for the end of this year, possibly the end of next. Should that be true, I wonder if it'd be a revival of Starcraft Ghost? Would be interesting given how much Blizzard have on their plate right now.

      SC phoenix? Sounds like a working title for the protoss sc2 expo.

    "There will be at least six more attempts at totally screwing up Blizzard IP's in the next three years."

    That's what the title should be.

      "We're gonna monetize the **** out of this ****."

    Warcraft 4. Please. Ignore the WoW 'lore'. Just give me a decent game again.

    With Torchlight 2 doing its best to be awesome, I still can't help but be excited about Diablo 3.

    *11 years for diablo 3.
    *2 years for starcraft 2 expansion.
    *staggering all their releases around WoW and its shitty expansion packs for maximum profit.
    I really wish actiblizz wasn't dumbing down all it's shit for accessibility and making us wait for stuff that was ready ages ago just so it could have all our money and not just some. So if you can't tell already i'm boycotting this crappy business model for torchlight 2 and the original diablo 2 design team.

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