There Will Be No Female Shepard, Seth Green Or Video Game Stories In The Mass Effect Movie

Answering questions that they didn't have time to answer during Comic-Con a few months back, the producers of the upcoming Mass Effect movie have posted a few bits of extra info on the project on the website of film company Legendary Pictures.

While dating back to last month, the blog was updated in silence, so much so that nobody really took notice of it. Until now!

While this shouldn't be too big a surprise, the movie will focus on a male Commander Shepard and not the female version. It's also revealed that Seth Green's character of Joker won't be played by Seth Green, which at first sounds absolutely incredulous, until you remember in the movie you'd have to look at Seth Green, and he just doesn't look the part.

The producers also reveal that the movie won't be based on the existing games; it'll instead be a "a completely new story". Which is...alarming.

Your Questions Answered: The Comic-Con Film Panel [Legendary, via VG247]


    I guess I'll just kick this off with the obligatory comment about Commander Shepard heading a crew of interplanetary antiquities dealers travelling the galaxy, meting out justice etc etc.

      LOL. Love it. You just hit my feelings on the whole shamozzle right on the head.

      Read my mind, bud.

      Heh heh heh!

      Lol..i had that mark wahlberg as shepard premonition too.

    "The producers also reveal that the movie won’t be based on the existing games; it’ll instead be a “a completely new story”."

    DING DING DING!! We have a winner!

    Good thing I never had any hope for this in the first place.

      Come on, there is NO way they would have been able to keep everyone happy telling the main storyline, everyone did it differently.

      I think this is a good thing... or at least not necessarily an indication of a bad thing.

      Who wants a direct retelling? Just play the game if that's what you want.

    Yeah, most of this is unsurprising. I would have a great deal of respect if they chose to tackle the first contact war and the discovery of the mass relays, or just following the conclusion of the first contact war, humans arrival on the citadel and their struggle for acceptance, with the game closing with the construction of the Normandy.

    It would have been nice to have a military heroin for a change, that didn't beat the audience over the head with "It's a woman! Respect us for that!" while at the same time being completely sexist about it without realising.

    I'm happy Seth Green isn't going to be in it because Mass Effect is the first role where I haven't hated him in. That is only because you don't see his real face.

    Will there be reporter punching in it?

    Anything that gets more sci-fi on screen is fine with me, and I also have no problem with it not covering the exact same ground as the games.

    Games based on movies generally suck because of the constraints that causes - why would a movie based on a game be any different?

    They shouldn't do a story with Shepard in it. It's just incredibly stupid to define who Shepard is since one of the greatest things about Mass Effect was that EVERY Shepard is canon Shepard.

    How about a movie about Aria? Or Garrus before you meet him on Omega? So many good ideas they could build on without using Shepard in it, they'd at least have a chance of not pissing off fans everywhere!

    I wonder if its going to be full of mass effect memes, god I hope not.

    "It’s also revealed that Seth Green’s character of Joker won’t be played by Seth Green, which at first sounds absolutely incredulous, until you remember in the movie you’d have to look at Seth Green, and he just doesn’t look the part."

    Wait, what? Joker looks exactly like Seth Green.

    A new story?
    Thank christ for that. The ME1 and 2 story is great, but that's our story according to how we all played the game.

    Making a movie based off of that would just not work as everybody would look at the film thinking 'hang on I did things differently in my game...'

    What! I won't be able to choose to watch my movie with a male or female Shep?

    Sacre Bleu!

    It'd be great if they had one scene where three of them were riding in the elevator, and Shepard looks at his watch and mutters, "this seems to be taking a while"

    Mass Effect? Sounds like it stars Keanu Reeves.

    How about a COGS movie?

    I still don't get why shepard has to be in it at all. There's a whole universe outside of shepards experience. Hell, I'd love to see a move about humanities first contact with council space and the war with the turians. Or go out on a limb and make a story without humans...

    Making it with Shepard as a character is just going to have most mass effect fans thinking 'Shepard wouldn't do that' through most of the movie...

      Everyone's working on the presumption that they are making the movies with Mass Effect fans at the forefront of their minds. They are not.

        Ummm whut? So they'll use the name of the game to appeal to people who wouldn't know what that name means? I think your logic is quite broken there.

          They use the name to appeal to the fans, yes, but the movie doesn't have to be anything like it. His logic is hardly flawed.

          It could be as faithful as Watchmen or as loose as I, Robot, and honestly, I don't think it matters as long as it's good.

    To me a completely seperate plot for the movie is the only way it makes sense. As much as I like the plot in the game it doesn't really work in the two and a half hour format. The games/books/etc have set up a brilliant sci-fi universe to write their story in. As long as it's a good story it should work really well (hell, it could be a pretty standard action movie set in that universe and still be cool).

    Unsurprising. I hope they don't screw the story up. A lot of the third-party plots developed for the comics etc haven't been very well thought out, especially when they contradict each other or the games.

    I can't really see why they couldn't have had a completely new protagonist, especially since it avoids the messy canon question. Does the movie really need Shepard to sell well? Can't they tell an engaging story about the universe without a whitebread action hero?

    That's not true.

    I could totally see Seth Green playing Joker...

    Just gotta give him some stubble and a hat.

    Green could have playted Joker just fine. As for not following the story of the game...well I am not too surprised. Could you imagine the nerd rage if they did not let the x or y plot happen, or if x or y character died.

    All Mass Effect needs is a robot chicken special.

    ...I should go.

    I'm Commander Shepard and this is my LEAST favourite project in Hollywood.

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