There Will Be No Prestige Edition Of Modern Warfare 3

In late August, details leaked about a Modern Warfare 3 "Hardened" special edition, but none for a "Prestige," a more deluxe package that notoriously included night-vision goggles for Modern Warfare 2 in 2009. There are no details yet on a Prestige edition because there will be no Prestige edition for Modern Warfare 3.

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling tweeted that news Friday. MW3's Hardened edition, at $US99, runs $US20 more than previous Hardeneds and includes a one year subscription to Call of Duty Elite's premium membership. So rather than offer two different packages, Activision's just putting out one, focusing on driving customers to premium Elite memberships rather than offering outlandish swag.

The "Hardened Edition" will reportedly include the Elite membership — which includes "future Call of Duty: MW3 downloadable game content," like map packs — and "Special Founder Status" for Elite, granting "Hardened" owners exclusive emblems, camo and "more exclusive benefits."

In terms of physical goods, expect a Steelbook case, special game disc art and a "collectible field journal" 100 pages long.

No Prestige Edition for Modern Warfare 3 [Joystiq]


    WHAT?! No Prestige Edition?!?! ..... meh.

    Activision is doing to COD what it did to the Guitar Hero franchise... Killing it with every yearly release of the same thing. Sad.

      Also the Tony hawk series

        The last two Tony Hawk games weren't good, but you can hardly say that they were putting out the same thing. In fact, the fundamental problem that everyone had with Ride and Shred was that they weren't the Tony Hawk that people wanted.

      There hasn't been a real call of duty in 2 years.. Black Ops was a different (crappier) studio. Also even if it wasn't the same thing every few years, why would you want a prestige edition. The only person who would shell out extra money for special editions of a video game is an overweight massive nerd.

        Generalising much?

        I got the augmented edition for Deus Ex because I wanted the art book and soundtrack.

        I got the Guild Wars collectors editions for similar reasons.

        I am not overweight and wouldn't describe myself as a nerd.

        Someone is a poor Hipster faggot.

          quit the hate please

    I'm relieved actually - I was only planning on getting hardened edition this time around and now I know I'm not missing anything.

    Meh, I'll be getting it when the cd key price drops to about $40 or so anyways. I need statues and fancy boxes and trinkets if I'm gonna be forking out extra for a game :P

    Seeing as they, for some reason, completely skipped the PC for a prestige edition last time this doesn't bother me too much.

    That sucks - the prestige edition with the NVG was the greatest special edition ever IMO. I was looking forward to seeing what they would come up with for this one :-(

    No great loss. Don't even think i'll bother with the hardened edition either, bit too pricey for me

    I still think of Special Editions as just another ploy on behalf of retailers to convince people to buy physical copies before resorting to digital distribution.

    Pre-order crap is just pointless clutter in my opinion. Throwing in a 1-year membership to their elite service is actually a mild improvement by comparison.

    Call of Duty: I Dont Give a F*** Edition.

      somewhat ironic, considering nobody gives a f*** about you.

        though he does have a point...

        well you replied to my comment... so i guess u care about me

    So was it a little farfetched for me to be hopeful for a Prestige Edition that came with a firearm?

      That's not farfetched really

      a small nerf style pistol would be an easy addition that would be legal in almost very country

    I was suprised when they said they weren't doing a prestige version, but i cant help but think why. The only reasonable conclusion i could make, that the price would get so ridiculous, it will be hard to sell numbers.

    But given that the Hardened edition really doesn't give us anything special ("free" year subscription and the other junk for around $20 less than normal copy and a year subscription really isnt anything special), it doesn't seem like a worthwhile purchase unless you are really going to play the berjeebers out of it.

    Plus if i remember correctly, CoD4 only had a hardened edition?

    But where will i get my over priced toy from Activison, i need something as terrible side my side the game to make the game look better than what it really is.

    Definitely no loss. The Black Ops Prestige edition was as crappy as the game itself. Seriously - a $25 RC car with a few stickers? Night Vision Goggles for MW2 were alright but if you really want a pair you can buy them separately. Limited Edition game sets are pointless - they have bugger all value long-term.

    I'm fine with a Hardened Edition, but would've been interesting to see what the Prestige would've been. I'd heard rumours of an RC Helicopter modelled of one of the Russian types in the game, and my idea was some kind of flak jacket, insignia or no, just not your standard 'throw on the shelf' deal.

    so over COD why would i pay for stat tracking for gods sake.

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