There's A New Suikoden Game Coming To The PlayStation Portable

You like Suikoden? There's a new game in the series coming to the PlayStation Vita. Oh, no, wait. The PlayStation Portable. Yeah, this is never coming to America.


    But we can still get it in AU right? =D

    OMG WANT! <3

    Since it's on a handheld, many problems that plague JRPGs can somewhat be tolerated. But I really hope it does evolve over past the 10 years that JRPGs haven't.

      *apologies in advance for the mini rant*

      You know..

      I am honestly sick of people always saying "JRPG'S" haven't evolved.

      Thats like accusing FPS's are still about running and shooting, Racing is about just driving and Platforming/Adventure hasn't changed much from jumping.

      There are VERY MANY SMALL NUANCES on a JRPG that most fans of a JRPG will appreciate. In the same way the recoil of a gun on an FPS or explosion "physics" is appreciated by FPS fans but all seem meh to non fans. Or the ability to fine tune a car to the nth degree when most people just see a car to drive.

      Just because you people DON'T LIKE THE SYSTEM does NOT mean it "hasn't evolved"

      Ok rant done! kthxbai! =D

        Small pockets of evolution doesn't make up for the many games that don't do it. Final Fantasy has done a good job of keeping up (even if their recent stories have been beyond stupid).

        I did like the system back in the day. It was fine then due to the limitations, but as time moved on JRPGs really haven't. That's why it's hard to critisize against these games on handhelds.

    When will the game be out?

    Given the dedicated fanbase that Suikoden has, it's guaranteed to get a nice fanslation if the localisation never takes place.

      Not really. Neither of the Suikogaiden games, Suikoden Card Stories or Suikoden I & II on PSP were translated. Officially or patched. There's a pretty high chance we wont see this, especially after Suikoden 5 bombed.

        @DrWhat: Actually, there is a fan translation group working on suikogaiden...but it's progress is rather slow.

        Seconding the hope that this gets localised, however small the chance might be...

          I know there is a group working on Suikogaiden Vol 1, but the project appears to be dead.

    All I want is Suikoden II on PSN. My original Disc copy is getting long in the tooth and despite my best efforts, I just KNOW it's gonna suddenly not play in the future due to age...

    The whole Suikoden franchise is the forbidden jewel with which japanese taunt us, barbarian westerners, never really letting us have it. :/

    And a hearty middle finger to you Konami! Ever wonder why Suikoden V didn't do so well. It's because you released it at the end of the playstation 2's life and unlike Persona 4, the game befoer it did NOT

      have a good reputation(The total lack of advertising helped very little as well). Now you make the SAME MISTAKE by releasing the next Suikoden game on a platform seeing the end of its days with the game before it (despite being excellent) belonging to a very niece market. This might have been a good decision if it had been Suikoden I and II made downloadeable via PSN for us in the west but I can't see THIS going well at all.

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