This Call Of Duty: Rezurrection Trailer Features Dismemberment

We know you can handle that. Zombie vomit? I'll admit to some queasiness watching that in action.

Activision's pimping the PC and PS3 release of its Rezurrection map pack, on September 22, with this latest video. It's already out for Xbox 360 of course, and it's at least as believable as Apollo 18.


    Funny ad, but the whole zombie thing is old.

      Military shooters are also old...

        Fps shooters are getting old

          Roger Murtaugh's getting too old for this shit

    man this site is horrible nowadays, with all the pessimistic old folk that post.

      Shut up, kid and get off my damn lawn!

        When I was a kid we didn't even have a lawn.

          No lawn as a kid? Luxury!

          We had lava surrounding our house! Our dad would use us as stepping stones to get across it every morning at 4am which was 2 hours before we went to bed after working 49 hours in the coal mine. The very coal mine where we had to use our tongues because pickaxes weren't invented yet.

            Tongues for pickaxes? Luxury!

            We had the vast emptiness of space surrounding our house! Our dad would use us as rocketships to get across this every morning. We didn't know what time it was because time was not even invented yet let alone the luxury of coal mines.

              point proven by the above posts. it's a shame that some retirement homes have access to wifi nowadays.

    zombies and Monty python what an article

    Rezurrection, cause we're too cheap to give you new maps and too greedy to let the community make them for free.

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