There's An Uncharted 3 PS3 Bundle, With Not A Hideous Controller In Sight

Sony will be releasing an Uncharted 3 hardware bundle in the US that includes the system and a game. Mercifully, Japan's hideous Uncharted 3 controller is nowhere to be seen.

It's just a straight-up black console (320GB) with a straight-up, single black DualShock 3. Alongside that and the game the bundle will also include a month's subscription to Sony's PlayStation Plus service.

It'll sell for $US300 and go on sale the same day as the game. Which is November 1.


    And heres the bundle Ive been waiting for:) Thanks Sony!

    I wonder if we'll get this here, I've been looking at getting a ps3 for a while, with the recent price drop and a new game thrown in now might be the time.

      ...and what a game to start off with! Uncharted 3 is going to be big!

    if it was 300 here i would jump all over it. BUT it wont be probs closer to 400-450 i reckon. Pity really want a ps3 for my room

      seriously, shop around...

      $349 @ GAME

      Includes a decent and new game, yes the HDD is half the size, but that is irrelevant as 160GB will do for a new starter and then just save up for a 500GB or higher HDD...

      If you want the 320GB option, hell even EB have a decent enough bundle...

      $448, but it includes 2 of the biggest Sony exclusives and another new title.

      There are decent deals to jump in now and not having to wait for Uncharted 3, besides it's best to get in now and then pick up Uncharted 1 & 2 and play then before the new one releases.

      Our current 320gb bundles are $448 and one of them includes resistance 3 and driver.

      Deals aren't that bad really when factoring in things like blu ray it isn't that bad of a deal.

    If they're selling UC3 with the console - they should at least include the UC1+UC2 combo.

      Agree! Also no LE console FAIL

        Agree +2! I'd probably pick up a PS3 if they offered that.

    Wonder if there'll be a limited deal for Silver ps3 and UC3 in november?

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