There's Xbox Live Inside Every Copy Of Windows 8

Confirmed today during Microsoft's 2011 Build developer conference in Anaheim, California, Windows 8 will have the Xbox Live service built right in. What does it all mean?

Aside from further justifying the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update, the integration of Xbox Live into Windows 8 means more to Microsoft than it does to us end users. By working hooks for the service directly into the next generation PC operating system, MS will no longer have to worry about getting gamers to download Games for Windows Live, a service that never really caught on in the first place.

Xbox Live's Major Nelson says that developers are being shown tools that make it easier to integrate Xbox Live features into PC games during the show, which I'd imagine are the same tools used for Games for Windows Live, only rebranded.

Perhaps I'm being too sceptical. The Major says they there are many more details to share about what Xbox Live on Windows will be capable of. Let's remain hopeful until then. That way we'll have more energy for giggling and pointing.

Xbox LIVE and Windows 8 [Major Nelson]


    Wellp, I'm sure not buying Windows 8. What I basically got from reading this was "We're fusing Xbox Live and Windows 8 so we have more control over you."

    Don't be surprised when we're forced to use GFWL to play PC games on Windows 8 down the track.

    Yeah....I think i'll be sticking with Windows 7 for a long time.

      I think I'll be sticking with Windows XP for a long time...

    Im thinking it will be like the Steam and PS3 integration which people welcomed with open arms.

    But its typical that everyone assumes the worst when MS announces something. I see a lot of potential here so hopefully we get something good.

    I wont be happy if its the same as GFWL which we need a gold membership for.

      Agreed, Games for Windows Live had great potential to be something good. If it had all of the xbox live options like achievements for games that support them and access to your friends list to message your friends and create parties it would have been useful.

      I don't see why this couldn't be integrated into any game you played as well, it wouldn't matter if you bought it off Microsoft or a box in a store if the xbox live features simply ran as a service in the background.

      Of course that is only what it could be, we will have to wait and see what it actually is.


        Had achievements and friends lists that's tied directly into the 360 service it was crap then and it's crap now

        Not to mention it used the craptacular GFWL content delivery system with the stupid xbox live point system

    yeah, i think i'll stick with Mac OS for now.
    bahahaha. windows!!!

      Enjoy you gaming then... oh wait...

        Not to mention paying hundreds extra for hardware that's years old. I've yet to see an argument for Macs that actually make sense... besides "they look so pretty"

          One benefit is that you can run MacOS X on them. If you don't care about that, then they probably aren't a very good purchase decision.

            u can also run OSX on windows. its called a hackintosh

            Since I find the UI of OS X to be absolutely rubbish, tacky, and generally inefficient, yeah, that's not a very good encouragement to buy one. Not to mention all the control they take away from the user.

            Oh look, a bunch of faggots off-topic again.

          they come with safari and can have a broken version of word

    soon PC's will get banned from xbox live ;)

    This is just another reason not to upgrade to Windows 8. I'm not a fan of its "app style interface" and now they are adding Xbox Live to it.

    Here's to Windows 7, the last traditional Windows Operating System

      Read all the info first people. The "app style interface" is an option it can be turned off.

      The software is still in development and will be for a while longer. It's not like it's coming out tomorrow.

        haha you expect people to read anything other than a headline?

        just like classic layout was available in vista but not in windows 7. so what about in windows 9

    Sweet, looking forward to seeing how it works :)

    GFWL never caught on because it was bad. I guess 8 will be the new Vista.

    Dear god... the day i'm forced into GFWL for playing online is the day I won't be "able" to play online. In my experience, it takes me nearly an hour to actually find a bloody game on live/GFWL let alone play it. Why can't they just intergrate steam or something... Valve needs an OS.

      No Valve can stay right where they are thank you very much. Companies need to stay within their lines.

      and it seem's that MS doesn't want to do that.

      We don't need other companies doing it just to cause more issues.

        Yes, the smartphone, and internet browser landscape would be a much better place if Google had simply stayed as just a search engine!

        Now they're releasing an affordable OS/notebook bundle? The nerve of those cretins!

    HELL FUCKING NO! Keep that shit away from the PC platform!

    hopefully it's not to entangled with the core system and we'll find a simple way of removing it.

    Gross. Does not bode well...

    Until it means I can use all the things I bought for the 360 on the PC, it really doesn't bring any interest.

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