These Are The Distinguished Voices Of Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the sort of game that requires top-tier voice talent to work, so Bethesda Softworks has pulled out all the stops, recruiting a cast comprised of three Academy Award nominees, several highly recognisable science fiction actors, and the wife of ZeniMax Media CEO Robert A. Altman.

Bethesda sure knows how to pull together a cast, don't they? With Skyrim featuring more than 70 different voice actors speaking more than 60,000 lines of dialogue, finding the right voice for the right role must have been a monumental task, except for maybe the role of Nord hero Gormlaith Golden-Hilt. She's voiced by Lynda Carter, the actress (and singer?) once known as TV's Wonder Woman and currently Mrs. Robert A. Altman. She's a veteran of The Elder Scrolls, having carried roles in Oblivion and Morrowind before it.

That means she scores top billing, along with the likes of Max Von Sydow, also known as Ming the Merciless. The distinguished actor will be taking on the role of Esbern, an agent of the Blades that teaches the player how to battle the evil of Alduin, the World Eater. Or Christopher Plummer, who plays a powerful Greybeard monk elder named Arngeir. They've even managed to secure Tony Award winner Joan Allen, making her video game debut as Delphine, another of the last surviving members of the Blades.

Even the "also includes" list is impressive, with Battlestar Galactica's Michael Hogan, Vladimir Kulich from The 13th Warrior, Babylon 5's Claudia Christian, and a host of other, less press release worthy voice talent.

I'd still buy the game if Bethesda had the entire thing voiced by Mrs. McCreary's fourth grade English class, but it's nice to see them making the extra effort.


    nice i always liked micheal hogan its good to see him in so many video games now days

    Sweet, Vladimir is going to be awesome.

    Civ IV still wins, because of Leanord Nimoy.

      My one and only complaint about Civ5 is the lack of Nimoy. I could listen to that man read cereal boxes and be totally happy.

    Gone are they days of Cyrodillic inhabitants sharing the same 5 voices.

    Somehow Morrowind pulled it off without issue. Because it's perfect.

      I'm waiting to hear that guy from ben 10. He's in everything.

      I'm waiting to hear that guy from ben 10. He's in everything.

        Are you talking about Paul Eiding? No idea why you'd call him 'the guy from Ben 10' when most people here would simply know of him as the Colonel... or even 'the guy from MGS'.

    Great... now I get to hear Max von Sydow saying "Nice to see you!" "Good to see you!" and 10 other variations on the same theme. Just what I always wanted.

    Christopher Plummer?! hory sheet!

    Commander Ivanova Babylon 5.

    can bethesda make it so that these actors actually have more then 5 minutes screen time before they're killed off ala patrick stewart in oblivion and liam neeson in fallout 3


      I'm honesty hoping these major roles are indeed much more prevalent in the game that the ones you mentioned. Great voice work can lend alot to a game, esspecially an RPG.

      That said, I just hope that despite these huge names, they find the resources to compile a decent amount of less well known but talented voice actors to lend the NPC's some MUCH needed variety in their dialogue...unlike Oblivion.

    Sweet. I love Elder Scrolls.
    I wonder if they tried to make the main story arc's characters resemble their talented voice actors this time around.
    In Oblivion I always thought Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean's faces would've been a great thing to see on Uriel and Martin.

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