These Are The Gears Of War 3 Bonuses You Have To Pay For

Gears of War 3 has day-one downloadable content. It won't make you better at the game, but it'll make your guns in multiplayer better-looking. Would you spend $US3 or $US4 to paint your Lancer, shotgun and the rest of your arsenal with flowers? You can.

Yeah, these kinds of silly additions would have been free in the old days. At least some weapon skins in the new game are earned by playing the game, not by paying the game publisher. Just remember, gamers: publishers would like to charge you for extras here and there. Micro-payments are in vogue. They work for so many shooters already. And for Facebook games, iPhone games and more. They are why some game creators can afford to make their games "free" to play (you pay for extra, cool stuff.)

At least with Gears of War 3 you can't pay for advantages. You just pay for paint jobs. Would you pay?

Take a look at the video I captured to see your options.


    This reminds me of the portal 2 hats, what was the point of that?

    I wouldn't pay for DLC unless it was extra missions, or a new game mode, or new maps.

    And this is why im getting the standard edition! And Im not paying for any extra additional crap, DLC like that is just a rip.

    If someone wants to pay to flower up their lancer (irony, maybe?), I say let them. Pretty sure I won't. Just have to make sure I don't play drunk...

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    boycott it, vote with your wallet for now

    Someone better call the waaambulance I reckon a lot of people will be crying foul over this.

    And this is another reason why Space Marine is so Great - tonnes of customisation that you unlock by PLAYING THE GAME.


      There's either a breeze in here, or a fanboy on the loose :P lol

      I believe Space Marine has a sword which you can only get by buying the "Kill Team" arcade game. Not the same as DLC but still something you need to pay to get...

      I'm still trying to get into it myself. Totally not what I was expecting, thats for sure. It reminds me of GOW, but in Hack n Slash form... and with funny sounding orcs lol

    Yeah, it is pretty pathetic on Epics part. Way overpriced, and completely pointless.

    I love unlocking stuff like this myself, but no way I'd pay for it. Luckily I've got a few different skins from Season Pass, Epic Ed, and the beta to satisfy me :)

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