These Are Two New Max Payne 3 Screens

When Rockstar Games dated Max Payne 3 this morning, it also released two new screenshots. You'd think it would've released three, because, you know, it's Max Payne 3. You'd think.

The two screenshots show shooting and running, providing a glimpse at the sort of in-game maps as well as gameplay.


    Don't get it, is the fat bald dude Max or the guy in the second pic going all jon woo?Mutable time zones?And why does Max Payne sound like a gay hardcore porn star these days?

      From what I've gathered, you play as Max after the events of MP2 when he has hair, through to the new look where he's a chrome dome.

    What what what? Mixed guns akimbo??

    i hope this doesn't become another average cover based shooter...

      Funny thing is...Max payne was originally one of the founders of the "average cover based shooting" we know today... bullet time and all.

      I'm interested to see what they'll do.
      Stick to the formula THEY popularised, and end up being a generic shooter...

      or reinvent the franchise, risking backlash from whiny hardcore fans...

        Funny thing is... you've obviously never played either Max Payne or Max Payne 2.


          Ok, that was very asshole-y of me and I apologize, gman... been having kind of a bad-mood-morning so far.

          But my meaning is that Max Payne popularized Bullet-Time, yes, but Cover? No sir it did not.

          the Payne style of bullet-time 3rd person action game was copied ad nauseum in the following years, but it was never surpassed, so I don't think that even in that genre you could call it 'generic'

          but as far as Cover-based shooters? Max Payne is in almost the exact opposite end of the spectrum. What little cover there was in the game was incidental and was really only there to give Max something to leap out from behind of. :-P It was more of a 'Movement-based shooter' than a cover-based one.

          Cover-based shooters didn't really take off until the 'next-gen' with games like Gears.

          Again, sorry for the snarky asshole moment.

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