This Aliens Game Lets You Perform Bishop’s Badass Knife Trick

This Aliens Game Lets You Perform Bishop’s Badass Knife Trick

Aliens Infestation, for the Nintendo DS, was already looking like one of the last interesting games for the handheld, since it brings back fond memories of Konami’s excellent side-scrolling Aliens arcade game of 1990.

Now, though, after seeing this mini-game, it may be one of the last must-have games for the DS.

Infestation ships with a mini-game recreating one of the most famous scenes from the 1986 movie, in which the android Bishop plays the meanest knife trick in cinema history.

You play it just like you would in real life. By stabbing at a digital set of digits with the stylus.

It’s so wonderfully obvious I can’t believe it hasn’t been done earlier.

First Aliens Infestation Review [AVP Galaxy]


  • Movie Trivia: That scene wasn’t scripted, nor was it sped up. It was a trick Lance used to do back in school that Cameron got him to do to Paxton because Paxton is actually a big wuss.

    Source: Lance himself, Armageddon Expo Adelaide 2011


    • You need to check your movie trivia sources and open your eyes.

      Watch the scene again, the marines in the background are moving at highspeed. In one part (i think it’s Vasquez) is nodding her head like The Flash !

      • I did go home and watch it after the convention. The version I’ve got, nobody in the background is moving at high-speed at all.

        Also, you calling Lance Henriksen a liar?

  • When did this game release? I keep looking for it in stores because I keep forgetting when it comes/came out 😛

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