This Battlefield 3 Trailer Is Intense



    Already got my will written up for when i die from malnourishment because I'm playing this non-stop.

    Looking good :D

    I want to preorder so I don't have to pay for the Karland expansion, but I won't do it through Origin and pay their inflated prices. OzGameShop is $49 or something but it doesn't say it's the limited edition and their support were very unhelpful. CDWow has Limited Ed with free postage for $56 which I'm looking at.

    I'm still holding out a 0.01% glimmer of hope that Valve and EA sort out their crap in the next 2 weeks so I can preorder on Steam. But I think I'll be off to CDWow :S

    They'd better have fixed their BS hit detection (lag) problems that they have in BC2!

      From some of the comments from the alpha testers (even though they are under the non disclosure agreement) the bs hit detection that plagued bc2 and medal of honour has been fixed.

    How are you supposed to see -anything- going on in there?! I understand that it's realistic, but it looks absolutely unplayable, too...

      That consists of small few-second-long clips sewn together. Of course it looks busy. In context though, you'd have heaps of time to work out what's happening :)

      there will be IR included in this game as a attachment.

      keep in mind mate that you are stepping in from this website, into a intense battle scene. You have to gain your senses which takes getting used to.

      I know exactly what you mean. I watch my brother play wow, and think "how the f*ck do you know what to press and what the hell is going on here? It's just a big clusterf*ck of screen activity/eye candy".

      You'll soon be immersed once you begin.

        *an intense battle scene

    Kotaku articles now reduced to 3 letters.

    Possible future articles include: "As", "Is", "It", and the NSFW "FU".

      What else do you want them to say..? The trailer is what it is.

    wow, perfect example of why this series should die.

      Your reasoning?

      Living up to your namesake I see.

    Definitely like the tone of that mission.

    I hope this is how it actually looks. Too many times have I thought a game looks realistic in a trailer and then the actual is too well lit to be reality. Perhaps its my video settings but actual games tend to come out too saturated (eg MW 1&2) to feel real. This is looking better though.

      I always found that the BFBC2 battlfield moments used to hype up the game lived up the to game perfectly. Intense and frantic, I'm willing to believe that DICE can deliver the gameplay they show on their videos.


    I'm breaking my legs on the Sunday so I can spend an entire week healing. And by healing, I mean playing BF3. Can't wait.

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