This Incredible Multiplayer Paintball Video Is A One-Shot Kill

Paintball has never been quite as exciting as it is seen through the eyes of director Saman Keshavarz in this video, which you'll want to watch at least three times. Why?

First you'll want to watch it just for the sheer spectacle. The footage was recorded using a Phantom Flex digital camera capturing at 1000fps, far beyond what the eye can actually see. Why so many? Normally when you slow down a video you're dropping the FPS. When the video is recorded at 1000fps, dropping it to a 10th of its normal speed still leaves you with stunning 100fps slow-mo video.

Then you'll realise that Keshavarz recorded this entire sequence in one single take, and you'll watch to watch a second time, imagining how much coordination and timing it took to get the leaping from the car shot just right.

And finally you'll watch to watch it for the commentary going on inside the chat box on the game overlay. Leave p00chie alone!

Porter Robinson // SPITFIRE (aka: CAPTURE THE CAN) [Vimeo]

Behind-the-Scenes [Not Vimeo]


    Fantastic video! I love how technology is catching up with people's artistic drives. :)

    la pooch

    180 no scope at 1.00

      Damn hackers. :p

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