This Indie Game Is Giving Me Flashbacks Of, Well, Flashback

Gunpoint is a game where you're a secret agent-type guy, who has to break into high-security facilities by either jumping around and sticking to walls, shooting at people, and, most importantly, rewiring the entire place and its security system.

It's an indie title that's the work of games writer Tom Francis, along with artists John Roberts and Fabian van Dommelen, and it looks wonderful, in a "Deus Ex meets Canabalt" kind of way. It also helps the game has photocopiers. I love games with photocopiers.

It's due out on PC sometime around Christmas, hopefully, and in even better news will be free.

Gunpoint [Tom Francis]


    Flashback was AWESOME. One of my favourites from Megadrive days...

    Looks more like Bonanza Brothers to me (if anyone remebers that one) - except with only one character to control. A step back? Only time will tell. If it's free, it'll defly get a look-in upon release.

      Damn you are right! I totally forgot about that game until you mentioned it just now :)

    I really like the Metropolis-esque backdrops.

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