This Is A Gun For The Xbox Kinect

You don't need controllers to use Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect. That's the point of the thing. You don't need a controller. You certainly don't need an inflatable boat. But to play the upcoming Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party, you're going to need a special Kinect gun. It comes bundled with the game.

How does the Kinect track your limbs if you're holding the thing? Well, it tracks the lights of the gun — and your legs as you kick at wolves.


    lol. Kinect borrowing PS Move tech!

    like to see Move implement Kinect tech!
    i think the fact devs can do this (may) prove MS made the right choice

      Or the complete wrong one, even though it sold millions.

      I'm assuming that they got permission to release the peripheral with the game, but as Scott mentions below, it defeats the purpose of the Kinect. The Kinect marketing slogan is "You Are The Controller", so are will they change it in the future to "You Are Sometimes The Contoller"?

      With this, also the need to use an actual controller for the Steel Battalion game, perhaps devs are feeding back to Microsoft that while some types of games are fine without anything, the majority of games still need something tangible to work better.

    A gun peripheral defeats the purpose of Kinect. Also, needs buttons.

    Ive always hoped that it would be a hybrid device the ol Kinect.. I think it is the best of both worlds. where a gun works fo a game, havae it, where a controller works, have it. where YOU work, have it.. pick the best control scheme for the game... the best fit.

    It seems that we can have it all. That is a good thing right?

    I never wanted a 100% controller free experieice, just the option.. we have that now.

      I agree with this - I'm looking fwd to Ghost Recon for just this reason.

    Doesn't spoil a game much, seeing 3 big glowing balls in the reflection from your TV screen! My Kinect is in a draw and there is stays, not gathering dust but not doing anything.

    Clearly they felt the burn from Kevin Butler's "pew pew pew" remark.

    I'm glad this is happening and not that ridicolous thing ghost recon is doin
    Seriously who wants to use there arm and hands and pretend ur shooting when u can actually pull the trigger on a fake gun

    It seems to me that they are making things more complex than they need to be to work around the kinect hardware.

    Three big glowing multi-coloured lights seems like it is a step backwards from the light gun that came with duck hunt on the nes.

    I think this can still work with the kinect "you as the controller thing". If they can work out a decent way to get movement happening rather than just auto on rails this could work great for squad based shooters. Use the gun for yourself and hand gestures (as per every army movie ever seen) to control the squad

    motion controls of any kind annoy me. Totally pointless. I hope it dies out with this generation.

    I have no interest in being a controller, I already have one of those and it works great for controlling the games I love and seriously doubt me and my flailiing arms and legs alone will ever do a better job. I've always thought the idea of Kinect was flawed for anything but casual play-for-five-minutes-and-the-get-bored kind of games - but I've always thought it had potential as an additional input for game control in addition traditional controllers. The more developers integrate Kinect as an additional input device for a game rather than the sole input device for game, the better.

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