This Is Diablo III Running On My MacBook Air Without Breaking A Sweat

This Is Diablo III Running On My MacBook Air Without Breaking A Sweat

I don’t have the best MacBook Air, but I’ve got a pretty good one. 1.7 GHz Intel Core I5. 4GB of RAM. Can it run Diablo III? It sure can. Watch.

(Now all I need is a mouse! Trackpad = Diablo death.)


  • If I can beat Portal with a trackpad with a MacBook Air, then surely Diablo 3 should be no hassle.

    As long as tap to click works in game. I imagine a lot of clicking will be required and lacking tap to click would make it difficult.

  • I’m assuming that the graphics quality have been turned pretty low for this video… Because if that’s the way DIII looks on my machine then I won’t be getting on board. It looks like Neverwinter Nights, here.

  • Definitely one of the best things about Blizzard is that they optimise their games for a range of systems.

    Will I be buying Diablo 3? Probably not. The appeal of Torchlight 2 is enough to fill my hack and slash quota.

    • LOL torchlight 2 LOL

      That won’t be able to shit on Diablo 3. Im sorry but Torchlight 2 is like a light meal Diablo 3 is the main course. Meanwhile when the hell is torchlight 2 meant to come out. Cause if they keep delaying it further closer to diablo 3 it will hurt them in the end.

      • I’m not sure the word ‘delay’ can be put in the same sentence as ANY Blizzard product without inducing derisive laughs from all around.

        This definitely reeks of fandom. Also reeks of someone probably too young to remember Diablo, possibly even Diablo 2. Torchlight captured that magic all over again – Diablo 3 looks like World of DiabloCraft thus far.

        Haven’t even checked my to see if I’ve got an invite.

          • To be fair there wasn’t much of a story in the first diablo and there wasn’t much more in the second. It’s all about pointing and clicking. Which torchlight does very well.

            That being said, d3 will be amazing!

          • Exactly, it is the pointing and the clicking which defines this style of game. I remember enjoying the original diablo games for this very reason when I was a wee lad. All of the gameplay for Diablo 3 looks great and I might very well add it to the pile, along with all the other AAA releases between now and March next year.

            But at the end of the day my best memory that I have from Torchlight is that I got ~60hrs for $5 and that is pretty awesome in my books

      • Not as huge of a fanboy as Richard, but he is 100% correct. I only liked Torchlight because it basically WAS diablo 2. Saying Torchlight 2 is going to be better than Diablo III is like saying that the coles brand Cola is better than Coca-cola.

        • Well since Diablo 3 looks nothing like a Diablo game save for it being point and click, I’d say it’s not much of a stretch for Torchlight 2 to be better.

  • -I have my opinion about this game…

    HA! I’m sorry but my opinion is clearly superior to yours!

    -I don’t think your opinion is so sincere…

    Well it is! Dumbass!

    -I don’t think your opinion is complete bulletproof when you consider the context.

    Who needs facts and logic anyway?! If you have such an opinion then you don’t know what you’re on about.

    -I have reasoned evidence to show that an opinion is an opinion that can be on both sides of the matter.

    -Me too! I have an opinion as well and I am proud to proclaim it without insulting anybody!

    *It is of my opinion that others squabbles about opinions needs to be satirised in a post on the internet…

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