This Is How Sonic Generations Does A Collector's Edition

Sonic the Hedgehog is now 20 years old. To celebrate, Sega is bringing two Sonics together in Sonic Generations for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. To sweeten the deal, Sonic gets a rare "collector's edition" bundle, full of collectible tchotchkes.

Sadly for North American and Japanese Sonic enthusiasts, this special edition version of the November-due game is for Europe and Australia only. Our PAL pals will get one collectible figurine immortalising classic and modern variations on Sonic; a commemorative gold ring; the "20 Years of Sonic Art" booklet; and a 20th anniversary soundtrack collection. See visual details in the gallery above.

The CE also includes the "History of Sonic: Birth of an Icon" documentary, an "exclusive collection of interviews and footage charting Sonic's life from inception through to becoming one of the most iconic characters in video game history" according to Sega.

Add to that some fancy packaging, some downloadable content and you've got The Works. Sonic Generations goes to Europe and Australia on November 3, but at least those of us in America get it earlier (November 1).


    Yeah im definetly getting this!! It loojs fantastic!

    Definitely getting this.

    Lol, Sega must really enjoy trolling the US market by releasing all these awesome thing then depriving them of them, KotakUS is pissed right now.

    Also I pre-ordered this thing already and the collector edition will be mine regardless.

    but so much want

      Where did you preorder it from?

        I should clarify, I pre-ordered the game, not the collectors edition, I pre-ordered it from EB Games, Who I would be better will be the company who will end up selling it exclusively, however regardless whoever wins the rights to sell it will be getting my money

          Ok, just making sure, I've checked with EB, GAME & JB Hi-Fi, nothing yet

    Man who cares when it comes out here look at all the stuff we get
    Lets just hope it isn't to expensive

    This image sums up my feeling quite accurately Sega

    So we're clebrating 20 years of Sonic despite only wanting to celebrate 1/3 of that time? :P

      Sonic Generations celebrates 20 years of Sonic. You must be very mis-informed. =P Every single era is getting equal treatment.

    Wait, almost an entire month-long delay for PAL? What the hell?

    But the question is, how much will it cost?


    SOOOOOOO getting this!!!!!

    The good thing about a month delay for a sonic game, is we can see reviews and make sure this special edition is worthy of purchasing.

    Soooo seeing as my last comment was deleted for being bolded and cap-sed, i will reiterate my enthusiasm for this collectors edition



    Is there any reason why they delay the release for us?? I've always wondered this, but never really discovered a reason

    So wait, if I already preordered the game from GAME, then do I get this or do I have to buy it seperately without the game? Please Answer!!!!

    That's it. I'm hopping in my Egg-ship-thing and I'm coming down there and capturing all your golden rings and cute lil marsupials and putting them all in pressurized containers randomly strewn about the environment!

    okay, i can now confirm it appears that every game retailer and their dog is getting it. It has shown up on EB Games, Game and JB-Hifi's website

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