This Is How We Upgrade Equipment In Skyward Sword

Self-preservation isn't the only reason for Link to slice-and-dice the creatures of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He can also harvest their oddly shaped innards to upgrade his gear. I've always wanted a sword with a spleen.

I'm a complete sucker for game systems that allow you to take treasure from monsters and modify your equipment. Sucker is almost too gentle a word, really. I obsess over finding everything I need to create the ultimate weapons and tools. Simply knowing they could be better than they are is enough to send me off into a monster slaughtering frenzy.


    AHMAHGAWD....I need this now.

    That does look pretty good.

    God I wish this came out before Skyrim... I'm not sure if i'll be able to make time for it, it's hard enough getting my Wii running when my PC is right next to it

    Day one purchase now.

    Move over Wind Waker, new best game ever.


    I'm excited now.

    Though one must question the effects on the world if one day there was a full-on Zelda/Monster Hunter hybrid game... Would humanity rejoice, or tremble in the face of their own insignficance? Would the children play gleefully in the dawn of peace, or would they cower in fear beneath whatever shelter they could find? Would the screams be those of elation, or of terrible pain? Would society be envigorated, or would it crumble at the feet of such an insurmountably wonderful and awe-inspiring experience?

    ...Now I'm curious, someone tell Nintendo to get to it

      Monster Hunter x Zelda wouldn't work... One's appeal is in being incredibly challenging, the other pretty much the opposite.

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