This Is Not One Of The Six PS Vita AR Cards

It is an AR card. It's made by Sony. It's for the PS Vita. And it's not the final design.

Sony showed off the AR features tonight at an event in Tokyo Bay. This is a look at the AR cards for the PS Vita. It is not the final design, and Sony said it would likely change.

The PS Vita will come with six AR cards, which can be used to turn the real world into a virtual gaming space. It will also feature markerless AR tech that will allow gamers to enjoy AR tech without the need of cards like this.

Top photo: Photographer/Outlet


    LOL Sony, copy some more shit off of Nintendo

      Thats the exact AR card for invisimals, which was released well before the 3DS. Nintendo didn't invent AR cards, stop jumping to baseless consclusions.

      Err... Sony has released Eye of Judgement in 2007, and EyePet in 2009. Not for the PSP but it makes your claim nonetheless invalid.

    I'm not saying Sony is copying Nintendo here as I don't have the full story, but I do find the parallels amusing. Of all numbers six AR cards.

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